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John Deere expands access to self-repair resource service

John Deere has announced it will expand access to self-repair resources starting in May. 

The Customer Service Advisor will now be available for customers and independent repair shops to purchase directly through John Deere’s website. Customer Service Advisor is a digital database of operator, diagnostic, and technical manuals that was previously available only through dealerships. The software, which currently can be downloaded to computers, allows users to connect to machines to clear and refresh codes, take diagnostic readings, and perform limited calibrations.

Once users identify whatever issue they are experiencing with their equipment, the Customer Advisor tool will guide them to the part number for what they need. From there, users can go to their John Deere dealer or search the internet to find it from other manufacturers.

“The tool is out there to make the transition between having a problem, diagnosing, and repairing a little easier,” says Denver Caldwell, director for aftermarket and customer support at John Deere. “Sometimes those things can be accomplished with calibrations and code resets. That’s what we wanna make easier with the Customer Service Advisor.”

Caldwell says the Customer Service Advisor tool fits into John Deere’s position as a responsive and innovative company. The tool has been available for years now, but Deere had heard from customers and independent repair shops that they were having difficulty getting access to it.

“[Customers] have told us what they would like to see from us,” says Caldwell. “We’re responding with that. They’ve told us they expect us to continue to innovate not only in their productivity, efficiency, and sustainability of equipment, but also in their ability to repair it.”

Updates to the service

Planned updates to the service coming in 2023 include a mobile device interface, and the ability to download software updates to embedded controllers on select Deere equipment with 4G data connection. 

“Customers with connectivity already receive proactive maintenance through over-the-air software updates and diagnostic code information available to their smartphone,” says Luke Gakstatter, senior VP aftermarket and customer support. “The next step for us to digitize and enhance the repairability experience is to enable customers themselves to remotely download secure software updates to controllers.”

Owners of John Deere equipment will still be able to have the option to visit a dealership, work with an independent repair shop, or repair on their own. For more information, visit

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