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The Engine Man's Most Misunderstood Maintenance Issues

What you do or don’t do in the farm shop impacts a farm’s return on investment, contends Successful Farming’s Engine Man, Ray Bohacz, who addresses farmers attending the 2017 Commodity Classic next week in San Antonio, Texas.

Bohacz is set to speak on March 3 at 12:45 p.m. at the Commodity Classic AG CONNECT Main Stage, being sponsored by Successful Farming magazine.

“I want you to keep the profit from your crop’s yield bumps and not spend it on unnecessary machinery repairs,” says the Engine Man.

In that regard, Bohacz will reveal three machinery maintenance issues that often do not get attention from farmers. Those issues include diesel fuel quality, the need for fluid analysis, and the importance of ground circuits on modern equipment. For example, Bohacz will advise farmers when to utilize additives to enhance the performance of diesel. “You need to look for multiple modes of action in your diesel fuel additive program,” he adds.

Likewise, analysis of engine oils should be a part of every farmer’s maintenance program as it is a predictor of failure and wear and builds a history for resale or warranty claims.

Finally, Bohacz discusses how all the electronics in use on modern equipment are extremely sensitive to ground circuit faults. He will demonstrate how to employ a digital volt ohm meter to precisely track down a circuit issue. “Think of ground circuits when diagnosing an electrical issue on machinery,” the Engine Man adds. 

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