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Use Fuel Additives With Multiple Modes of Operation

Fuel additives are like crop chemicals in a farm operation, points out Successful Farming magazine’s Engine Man, Ray Bohacz. Both require multiple modes of action to provide adequate coverage, Bohacz explained while speaking recently at the Commodity Classic Ag Connect Main Stage in San Antonio, Texas. 

Bohacz warned that not all fuel additives are the same. “You need to think in modes of action with fuel additives. A proper fuel additive should include a cetane boost, anti-gel, lubricity, fuel stabilizer, injector cleaner, water dispersant, and sludge remover,” he explained. “Untreated fuel can cause poor combustion, soot-loaded engine oil, excessive fuel-injection system wear, corrosion, increased fuel consumption, foul emission components, and decreased engine reliability.”

Bohacz also urged Commodity Classic attendees to add a biocide to their diesel storage tank twice a year. That fuel additive is critical in preventing microbes from occurring in storage. And the only way to get rid of an existing microbial contamination in stored fuel is to kill them with a biocide.

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