Repair and Maintenance

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Product Test Team: Multiprocess Welders

These all-in-one units offer stick, wire, and TIG welding in one unit. Product test team evaluator James Fred tried out a Rebel EMP 215ic on his farm in Rochester, Indiana.

Getting to Know Pistons

The goal of this article is to provide you with information so if you ever have to buy a new piston for an engine, you can do it as an educated consumer.

How Cavitation Murders Pumps

Though pumps can fail due to age and use, the reality is that most are murdered, snatched from their prime with much life left in them. The culprit is cavitation.

How-Tos of Flex-Fuel Engines

What is involved in making an engine flex-fuel compatible? To be good ambassadors of renewable agriculture-based fuels, we need to understand the function of the flex-fuel system. 
A fuel pump shows different options for ethanol fuel blends.

About Repair and Maintenance

Get repair and maintenance tips on engines, tires, planters, tillage equipment, and more from the SF Service Team. The SF Service Team includes SF Engine Man Ray Bohacz and Planter Doctor Kevin Kimberley.

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