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Small Tractors See Sales Rise

This past October was a good month for farm tractors under 40 hp. That category saw a 23.3% increase in sales compared to last year’s number for the month. That’s according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, the trade organization for off-road equipment manufacturers and suppliers. 

Year-over-year, total sales of two-wheel-drive farm tractors, including the under-40-hp. category, were up 5.8%. However, sales of four-wheel-drive tractors dipped by 22.9%.

Year-to-date sales of the under-40-hp. tractors increased 8.1% compared to 2014; while sales in the 40- to 100-hp. range continued to remain flat. 

A long-range view revealed that sales in ag tractors and combines saw improvement over the five-year average (2000 to 2014).

“The good news is that sales of smaller farm tractors jumped considerably compared to September, and the numbers are back in line with what we saw earlier this year,” says Charlie O’Brien, AEM senior vice president. “Our Ag sector board met last week at AEM’s annual conference and, although uncertainty about the global market and regulations are real concerns, we shared an overall optimism about the long-term future of our industry. Agriculture is cyclical, and we’re in a cycle right now that’s come down from a pretty high level, which makes it even more challenging. We anticipate a flattening of the rate of decline of the large tractor sales, and the long-term projection for the industry is certainly very positive."

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