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Apache Launches New Self-Propelled Sprayer

Apache Sprayers has launched a new, more compact self-propelled sprayer, the Apache AS630.

Designed to serve farmers looking to upgrade to a self-propelled model and spray for themselves, or custom operators who need to add another sprayer to their fleet, the company says it is the most affordable machine of its kind.

Size and Capacity

The sprayer is lightweight and agile, weighing in at 16,900 pounds. Lighter equipment means better fuel economy and less compaction.

“This machine is about 2,500 pounds lighter than the next size Apache, which is great in fighting the war on compaction and making sure we carry as light a footprint across the field as possible,” says Kevin Covey, general manager product support.

The AS630 is equipped with a four-speed JCB Powershift transmission and a 163-hp. Cummins engine. Maximum road speed is 32 mph. The new Apache machine has a fuel tank capacity of 80 gallons.

The sprayer tank capacity is 650 gallons. The maximum transport width and height is 144 inches. Overall length of the machine is 290 inches.

Spray Options

Several spray boom options are available for the AS630. ET custom steel booms come in 90-foot or 60/90-foot lengths. The Pommier aluminum 100-foot option is also available.

An ACE hydraulically-driven centrifugal pump pumps the products through the machine. This model is also equipped with a 50-gallon rinse tank.

Suspension and Tires

“The AS630 uses active air suspension to handle chassis loads. The front independent suspension has fast-acting electronic air valves to level the machine in any condition while providing a full suspension travel of 12 inches,” a company statement explains.

Farmers can choose between a 90- or 120-inch front-axle design. The narrow axle option allows for a tight turning radius, making the machine nimble. The 17-foot, 2-inch turning radius makes the Apache AS630 ideal for navigating tight field conditions.

The machine comes with a standard set of tires, 380/80R34 for the front and 380/80R38 for the rear, but it can be upgraded. An option of 380/80R38 for the front and 380/90R46 in the back is available. Depending which tire package is selected, the crop clearance can vary between 42 and 48 inches.

The AS630 has a fully enclosed, self-adjusting, internal wet disk brake system.

Operator Comfort

The front-design ladder placement is new on the AS630 making the machine easier to get in and out of.

A state-of-the-art interior and console increase operator comfort. The cab was redesigned to encompass a joystick that gives the operator more flexibility and control, explains Covey. Switches and controls were also improved to be more ergonomically correct, he notes.

Precision Application

Precision application is of growing importance to farmers around the country. This machine is compatible with Raven Viper 4+, Hawkeye, AccuBoom, and RS-1 Protective Steering. All model year 2018 sprayers are available with optional ISOBUS-ready wiring instead of factory-installed computers. The factory-installed field computers follow CAN-BUS wiring and protocols. Learn more about your system compatibility by referring to the user’s manual, or seek help from your trusted precision ag specialist.

Warranty and Availability

The company says Apache Sprayers retain an average of 72% of their value after five years.

To increase reliability, the Apache mechanical drivetrain has fewer parts. This new machine was designed with about 70% of the same parts as other Apache products, increasing part availability and lowering cost.

Each new Apache Sprayer comes with a five-year, or 2,000-hour powertrain warranty. That policy includes bumper-to-bumper coverage for the first two years, and transitions to covering parts only for the remaining three years.

The AS630 will be available in June. Expect to pay $250,000 for a nicely equipped model. Talk to your local dealer or visit to learn more.

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