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John Deere Expands Self-Propelled Sprayer Line

John Deere has expanded its sprayer offerings for farmers who have lots of ground to spray but are also concerned about compaction. The new John Deere R4044 sprayer is lighter compared with previous models and is designed to allow farmers to get in the field sooner.

“This machine is primarily targeted toward small grain areas and broadacre areas where customers do not have a need for direct injection because direct injection is not compatible on this machine,” says product marketing manager Craig Mosher. “It allows those customers from those areas to trade direct injection for a larger solution tank capacity.”

Light Weight, Less Compaction

Similar to the R4045, the new self-propelled sprayer has a 1,200-gallon capacity stainless steel tank and up to 132-foot spray width. However, the R4044 is 9% lighter. This allows operators to maintain high levels of productivity while reducing negative impacts on crops and soil.

“Oftentimes, application windows are very narrow, so having a sprayer that can quickly handle the jobs with less crop damage or impact on the soil is a big advantage. The addition of the R4044 to the 4-Series family fills that need perfectly,” says Doug Felter, product marketing manager for John Deere application equipment.

“By having the R4044 for in your lineup, it allows you to have a lighter machine and be more productive, which translates to getting more done. So especially if a guy had an R4038 and he moves up to this machine, he’s going to have a larger solution tank, meaning he’s going to be able to get 9 more acres per hour,” adds Mosher.

More Power

The 9.0L PowerTech engine delivers 325 hp. That’s 15 more horsepower than the R4038 model. Combined with the hydrostatic drivetrain, this allows for spraying at speeds up to 25 mph. Maximum road speed of the R4044 is 35 mph.

The sprayer has a balanced power-to-weight ratio, which allows farmers to maintain their speed while loaded, even over more challenging terrain. That means they don’t have to sacrifice accuracy or productivity.

High-Tech Cab Experience

Deere claims to have the most comfortable cab in the industry with integrated technology in the new R4044. Farmers use the new 4600 CommandCenter display to control sprayer functions from their seat.

“The 4600 CommandCenter was new in 2018. And what that command center does is create a common user interface across all newer John Deere products. The customer has that same user interface, that same familiarity between it,” explains Mosher.

Farmers can add AutoTrac Vision and AutoTrac Row Sense for improved accuracy. Early in the growing season AutoTrac Vision uses a front-mounted camera to help guide the sprayer wheels. Later in the growing season, as crops get taller, wheel-mounted paddle sensors in the AutoTrac Row Sense system help steer the machine appropriately.

“This sprayer has the best in the industry when it comes to row guidance,” says Mosher.

Another option called ExactApply has been a popular add-on with other Deere sprayers. It is also available on the R4044. The nozzle control system improves sprayer performance by allowing the sprayer to maintain consistent droplet size and pattern at varying speeds. The technology also reduces the chance of overlaps, skips, and drift. The full turn compensation and shut-off functionality ExactApply offers may help farmers reduce input costs by as much as 5%. Better consistency at a full range of speed ranges means covering more acres with less time.

Other Options

In addition to the ag tech options, several other features may be added to the R4044 base model.

For dry fertilizer applications, John Deere offers a 200-cubic-foot dry box option.

Steel spray booms can be ordered in 90-, 100-, or 120-foot lengths. Farmers also have the option of carbon fiber booms in 120- or 132-foot lengths. Automatic boom height control with the five-sensor BoomTracPro technology is also an option.

A number of tire packages are available as well. There are three sizes for both front and back tires in addition to two flotation tire options. Flotation tires are only available for field installation. With the standard tires, crop clearance is 60 inches.

More Specifications

The fuel tank capacity of the R4044 is 155 gallons. The diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank has a capacity of 7.8 gallons.

This sprayer has a wheelbase of 169.3 inches and a turning radius of 28.5 feet.


Orders for the new sprayer can be placed through your local John Deere dealer in June 2018. Pricing information will also be released at that time. Production of the R4044 will begin in November 2018 at John Deere’s Des Moines, Iowa, factory. Delivery is expected to start by the end of 2018, so farmers can use the machine in the 2019 spring spraying season.

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