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New Holland Guardian Sprayers get precision tech upgrades for 2023

New Holland has launched an upgraded version of the Guardian Sprayer using precision technology from Raven Industries. 

You may notice a new color scheme on New Holland’s 2023 lineup of the SP310F, SP370F, and SP410F Guardian sprayers, but besides that, the model numbers haven’t changed, and they look largely the same as the previous model year. Most of the upgrades to the sprayer have been made below the surface. 

“Pretty well anywhere you can press a button on this machine, it's all together different from what it was last year,” says Alex Caldwell, product marketing manager, self-propelled sprayers for New Holland. “The upgrades we're talking about here are not iron horsepower — they’re really going to be shown in the stats of the machine when you're just looking at the back of the brochure.”

Collaboration with Raven

Since CNH Industrial’s acquisition of Raven Industries, an abundance of precision technology has arrived in its brands’ products. For the 2023 Guardian Sprayers, this comes in the form of Slingshot from Raven, and the IntelliSpray II, with data collected and aggregated by Raven’s Connected Workflow system. Data collected in the Connected Workflow is synced between the office and the field to generate programs and strategies like herbicide rate prescriptions for individual fields. This is all accessed through the Slingshot mobile app. 

The IntelliSpray II system is designed for precise nozzle control for accurate droplet coverage, to minimize skips and overlaps, and to reduce input costs. The pulse width modulation system has a range of applications with standard, bypass, variable pressure, high flow, high flow vp, and on/off. These settings have higher flow and pressure ratings of up to 17% increased flow, and a 20 Hz pulse rate. 

The Slingshot app can generate a high-level view of data through the entire duration of the job with traceability reports, application records, fleet efficiency track edits, and transferable work orders.

Raven’s VSN Visual Guidance on the sprayer uses cameras and radars to guide the boom and drive line of the sprayer. 

“The integration of the VSN system allows drivers to operate the sprayer at 3-4 miles per hour faster to cover more acres per day without risking crop damage,” says Caldwell. “Not only does the basic VSN system follow the rows with cameras, but the VSN+ system allows operators to better see hidden waterways and other obstacles. This alleviates a lot of the compounded fatigue and stress operators experience when spending long hours in the field.”

Precision tech

The New Holland Guardian sprayer with boom arms fully extended in a field.
Photo credit: New Holland

The sprayers are equipped with IntelliView 12 and Viper 4+ displays, allowing operators to monitor their sprayer’s vital functions including suspension information, liquid management controls, auto rinse functions, 4-wheel steering, tread width adjustments and more. 

IntelliField and Slingshot work together to show where other tractors are moving in the field, and to provide data on machine productivity. The IntelliSteer auto guidance maintains spraying accuracy, designed to eliminate row skip and overpasses with direction control and T3 terrain compensation. 

Other features

The Guardian Sprayer models range from 309 to 412 HP. The models have tank sizes up to 1,600 gallons, and boom sizes ranging from 90 to 135 feet in total width. The Guardian also has up to 78 inches of crop clearance, and four-wheel independent hydraulic suspension.

The Guardian features updates to the cab based on farmer feedback, including a redesigned armrest, bringing the new sprayer to operator experience parity with New Holland’s tractor lineup. The cab is designed for a low-noise experience, and a wide air-ride seat helps with comfort during long spraying hours. The cab also has foot pegs on the steering column, auto climate control, Bluetooth connectivity, rear-view camera, and optional electric mirrors. 

The luxury cab option includes a heated and vented leather seat, a 12-volt fridge, leather-wrapped steering wheel, automatic headlights, a cell phone holder, and 110-volt outlet. 

Price and Availability

For the most tricked out version of the 2023 New Holland Guardian Sprayers lineup, the list price is around $810,000, with prices ranging down on the smaller models. Orders for production in Q1 of 2023 are already full, but New Holland is planning on opening orders for Q2 and Q3 soon. For more information, visit

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