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Precision Planting reveals sprayer products at 2022 Winter Conference

Precision Planting has been challenging the status quo for years. The company is expanding its focus to include sprayers with its latest round of innovation, which was announced at the 2022 Winter Conference in Tremont, Illinois.

Precision Planting prides itself on innovating based on farmer needs, creating solutions to directly address farmer pain points. The company’s well known planter products are designed to work with equipment farmers already own. They’re entering the sprayer market with a similar approach.

The company estimates up to 25% of a farmer’s input costs are applied by a sprayer. Depending on the crop, three to five passes may be made in a growing season. This creates many opportunities for farmers to do better, if they have the right tools, Bryce Baker, marketing manager says.

ReClaim switch
Photo Credit: Precision Planting

ReClaim makes boom priming less wasteful

The first sprayer problem Precision Planting technology is designed to address is boom priming. This is an unfortunate but necessary step for many farmers at the beginning of their day, explains Justin McMenamy, director of product. Priming often results in 50 to 60 gallons of product on the ground as air is forced out of the sprayer lines,and product makes its way to the end of the booms. Skipping this step could allow a weed to escape in the first pass of spraying.

ReClaim is a retrofit kit, compatible with electric or standard nozzles, that allows farmers to prime their boom without wasting product. With this technology, product sent out to the booms can be circulated back to the tank without spraying any on the ground.

“ReClaim uses a single rocker switch in the cab to engage recirculation. Once recirculation is completed, farmers are ready to spray with the correctly mixed chemical across the entire boom,” McMenamy says.

ReClaim will undergo another spring of testing around the country this year, and the company expects to make a commercial announcement in the second half of the year.

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