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RoGator Debuts Efficient C Series Applicator

After 25 years of existence, RoGator is celebrating with a new C Series Row Crop Applicator that offers growers a more consistent droplet size while applying. The sprayer feeds liquid fertilizer from the end and middle of the boom, plus it uses the LiquidLogic system to keep spraying at a minimum pressure to achieve plus- or minus-1 PSI variation across the boom. 

The newest RoGator also has no extra space on the end of the booms making cleanout more efficient and buildup less frequent. Traction control, turn compensation sensors, a new external keypad on the side of the machine, and quicker and safe stops are also highlights of the new model.

Powered by an 8.4-liter engine, this self-propelled sprayer can charge through a field with the help of a new feature — cruise control. The cruise control feature can be programmed to remember both headland turnaround and field speeds for road and field (4 total). 

Cleanout is a breeze with the sprayer’s ClearFlow recovery system that pumps air through the boom to force product back into the sprayer’s tank for reuse. As far as AGCO product managers know, this is the industry’s first full-recovery system, and it can go from spraying to completely cleaned out in about 6 minutes. 

A Smart Sprayer

The C Series RoGator is intuitive. It thinks for itself most of the time, leaving the operator more time to focus on management through the cab’s 10.4-inch AccuTerminal touchscreen. The touchscreen can control the following tasks: cruise control, shuttle shift speed, driving sensitivities, headland control, the tractor management system (TMS), AgControl rate and section control, pressures, auto agitation, boom cleanup, and product rinse and recovery.

“The operator can rely on the applicator to pay attention to the work being done and take care of basic agitation things,” says Mark Mohr, tactical marketing manager for AGCO’s application division. 

RoGator is offering a number of technology packages for this sprayer: Raven Viper 4+, AccuBoom, AutoBoom, Raven Hawkeye, and AGCO’s own AgControl. 

Comfort and Availability

Besides the AccuTerminal touchscreen, the cab is also equipped with a new armrest, an ergonomically designed new joystick, handy USB ports, a keypad that can be programmed to control the operator’s lighting preferences, and a comfortable driver’s seat with a buddy seat ready to accommodate a friend or partner. 

The C Series sprayers range from 280 hp. to 339 hp. Farmers should expect to pay at least $321,372 for a C Series RoGator that comes equipped with the LiquidLogic application system, 20-inch nozzle spacing, Auto-Guide automatic steering, and AgControl rate and section control for 36 sections. Growers can order now, and machines will make their way to farms at the end of 2017. 

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