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TeeJet Addresses Chemical Drift Concerns

Chemical drift control has clearly become a key issue in the development of new products from TeeJet Technologies. Among several new tips, nozzles, and control systems introduced for the upcoming season is a new TTI TwinJet tip for the application of systemic, postemergent herbicides.

The air-induction twin flat spray tip provides extremely large droplets for maximum drift control, along with the improved coverage of a twin spray. TeeJet has also introduced two of its high-capacity tips in larger sizes. The high-capacity Turbo TeeJet tips are offered in two larger sizes for excellent distribution performance with larger droplets and less drift. Meanwhile, the popular AIXR high-capacity tips are now available in two capacities to support higher volume application rates. The spray tips use air-induction technology to produce a coarser droplet for improved drift control with a wide range of herbicides.

Also new to the TeeJet line is a DynaJet Flex 7140 Nozzle Control unit. The system uses pulse width modulation (PWM) control to manage droplet size and flow rate independent of each other utilizing standard spray tips. It also supports high-flow, dual-nozzle applications. Finally, the DynaJet 7140 system is compatible with the AITTJ60 air induction TwinJet tip to support a greater droplet size range and provide improved drift control.

Another introduction is the Sentry 6141 ISOBUS tip flow monitor, which is now compatible with ISOBUS technology. The system monitors the flow from the tips on a spray boom, planter, or fertilizer toolbar with a compact flow meter integrated into the individual nozzle body. The flow meter detects flow variation that can be caused by clogs, nozzle damage or loss, or upstream flow limitations. Any error is indicated by an in-cab alarm, display notification, and illuminated LED at the affected nozzle body.

Not to be left out, those who variable rate fertilizer will appreciate new StreamJet variable-rate nozzles that feature a variable-rate diameter orifice that produces a wide range of flow rates. In addition to offering additional capacities for a wide range of application rates, the nozzles feature a new color coding system for easy identification.  

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