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Active tillage depth control updates to John Deere TruSet

With John Deere TruSet Active, a new update to the TruSet system, farmers can take advantage of automatic depth control during tillage jobs. 

This new system will verify applied depth, and make gradual, automatic depth adjustments to changing field conditions using a height sensor mounted to the implement frame. If the tool comes to a wet spot in the field, it will use the sensor to automatically raise the frame. This is designed to help offset residue build up on tires, shanks and discs when working in wet field conditions. 

“TruSet Active filters the sensor feedback, giving customers confidence in the gradual depth changes,” says Jardon. “If adjustments were made every second, it’s possible the machine would be adjusting over every clod of dirt, and that’s not the intent.”

TruSet Active will also create a digital record of each pass, so it can capture specific application data such as depth or gang angle.

“A TruSet Active tillage documentation map shows farmers exactly how deep they were tilling,” says Jardon. “Tillage depth has never been able to be measured this precisely before, and farmers can capture and upload this data into the John Deere Operations Center to share with trusted advisors or for analysis after the work is completed.”

Farmers are able to use this data to create prescription tillage, yield maps, and soil survey maps.


TruSet Active will be on all John Deere equipped TruSet tillage tools for model year 2024. The first tools will be available for ordering in February 2023 on select tillage tools, including 2230 Field Cultivators, 2330 Mulch Finishers, 2660VT Vertical Tillage tools, and 2630 Series Disks. Additional models will be available to order at a later time.

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