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Horsch Now Offering Widest Joker Model Yet

Horsch is now offering its widest model of the RT Joker yet—the 40-foot Joker RT40. Made up of five sections, the implement easily folds down to a narrow width of 15 feet, 8 inches for transporting. 

Consistency is key with this model. Adjustable down pressure across all five sections of the implement helps to keep tillage depths even and flexible on ground contours. 

“The new five-fold design gives customers a wider working width along with terrain-following attributes without sacrificing any performance,” says Jeremy Hughes, Horsch product manager. “That’s something competitive 40-foot units cannot say.”

Each implement is equipped with 20-inch notched blades, heavy-duty walking tandem caster gauge wheels, a RollFlex accumulator system, and a hydraulic hitch jack. Operators can also expect easy depth-control adjustment.

The included RollFlex Finishing System helps residue to break down faster and to create a firm seedbed that can easily store moisture for better crop emergence. Strategic spacing between the front and rear ranks also helps to push a more hefty amount of soil and residue through the implement.

“Our engineering team has done an amazing job to develop a 40-foot Joker that maintains the same proven agronomic principles of our current Joker RT models and have it in narrow transport width,” says Hughes.

Growers will need a tractor with a horsepower rating of at least 500 to pull the new Joker RT40.

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