Implement Command System Coming from Great Plains in 2020

Farmers will be able to see more information about their Turbo-Max fieldwork with the new Implement Command system from Great Plains. This technology provides data to the cab that can be used to make on-the-go decisions and adjustments to better yields and soil health, the company claims.

“The biggest benefit to producers with this technology is a newfound convenience and ease of use. The Implement Command system gives the control to producers inside of the tractor cab – no longer do they have to crawl in and out,” explains vice president of Great Plains engineering, Rye DeGarmo.

Implement Command Controls

Farmers are able to preset three tillage-depth options that can be selected while working in the field to make adjustments.

This system also includes the ability to change the weight transfer. Operators use the screen to dial in the right amount of downpressure applied to the wings.

The screen keeps farmers informed of gang angle from 0˚ to 6˚, the hydraulic reel’s downpressure, and fore-and-aft leveling. With in-cab hydraulic levers, each of these settings can be adjusted without getting out of the tractor.

DeGarmo says, “Producers no longer have to worry about accidentally hitting a lever and making unintended changes to the field. With the Implement Command system, these changes will be immediately visible on the screen.”


The Great Plains Implement Command system is ISO-compatible and works on the tractor’s virtual terminal, so no extra monitors have to be added to the cab. For tractors that have multiple displays, dual VT compatibility lets producers easily transfer implement controls to the next available VT on the bus.


Starting in 2020, Implement Command will be available for 18- to 35-foot Turbo-Max models, as well as 6- and 8-meter models. To learn more, visit or talk to your local Great Plains dealer.

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