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John Deere's 2660VT is a Multiseason Tillage Tool

Available in working widths from 20 to 50 feet in three- and five-section configurations, Deere’s 2660V is a multiseason tillage tool due to its highly adjustable gang angle, says Jarred Karnei of Deere. The implement allows you to customize the gang angle from 0° for sizing residue and providing vertical soil movement, up to 12° for aggressive horizontal soil movement and burying crop residue.

The gang angle can be adjusted by either using a manual slider or implementing Deere’s TruSet feature, which provides 1° adjustment and prescription tillage capability from the tractor cab. Automated, on-the-go TruSet tillage depth and rolling basket pressure adjustments, as well as documentation and prescription-based tillage on the Generation 4 Display, are standard on both five-section and three-section models.

Other TruSet adjustments – including fore-and-aft gang angle, wing down pressure, and stabilizer wheel changes – are optional depending on configuration. The TruSet Side-to-Side system is also an option for more precise depth control of individual sections.

VT upgraded with double-edge blade 

Specifically for the 2660VT, Deere is introducing a 22-inch-diameter Commander Blade featuring a double-cut edge that allows the component to more easily penetrate hard soils while sizing and mixing residue. This wavy straight blade has a serrated edge and shallow concavity to fracture and lift hard soils with less smearing. Set at 7½-inch spacing, the Commander Blade is designed for low-draft tillage at maximum field speeds.

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