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Unverferth Announces New Cover Crop Roller for Ripper-Stripper Tillage Tool

Unverferth has added a new cover crop roller option for its Ripper-Stripper strip-tillage tool.

“Cover crops are an increasing agronomic resource that farmers are searching for, for a multitude of reasons. Weed suppression is a factor, moisture retention is a factor, and building soil organic matter is another,” explains product manager Shawn Gerdeman.

He continues, “The function of the cover crop roller is when you go through the field and run our tillage tool, the Ripper Stripper, you are flattening and crimping the cover crop at the same time. When it crimps the cover crop, that suppresses growth and it lays the crop flat, so then the crop you’re planting isn’t so affected by the cover crops.”


The optional roller is mounted to the front of the tillage tool and features chevron-pattern blades. This design deflects and crimps residue away from the row for easier planting. For greater material flow, a smooth blade cuts crop residue ahead of the shank.

The rubber-cushioned mounting helps the roller follow the ground easily and travel smoothly over obstacles in the field.

About Ripper-Stripper

The Ripper-Stripper strip-till tool has shanks constructed of ¾-inch-thick special alloy. They till 9 to 18 inches deep to shatter the hardpan that limits drainage and plant growth. The designs of the heat-treated shark-fin points and wearbars are patent-pending. These features allow for easier pulling, extended shank life, and reduced soil disturbance.

A heavy-duty 6×6-inch double-wall frame delivers durability.


The new cover crop roller is available for six- and eight-shank rigid machines and eight- and 12-shank folding machines with 30-, 36-, or 38-inch row widths.

If you already have a Ripper-Stripper, you may purchase the roller on its own. Installation can be done by a dealer, or independently with the right tools.

Unverferth recommends a tractor with 20 to 40 hp. per shank.

Price and Availability

A six-shank Ripper-Stripper tillage tool equipped with the new cover crop roller starts at $20,200 and can be ordered now for fall 2018 delivery. It is manufactured in Kalida, Ohio.

This product comes with a complete one-year warranty, like all Unverferth products.

To learn more about the cover crop roller from Unverferth, talk to your local dealer or visit

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