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Väderstad expands U.S. presence with two new high-speed discs

Väderstad has announced the Carrier XL 30 and XL 40 high-speed discs, taking features from the company’s line in Europe, now adapted for farmers in North America. 

If you’re not yet familiar with Väderstad, it was founded as a family-owned business in 1962, in Väderstad, Sweden, and operated primarily as a tillage and seeding company. Now run by the third generation of family members, the company has ventured further into the North American market. 

In 2006, the company bought 50% of Seed Hawk in Langbank, Saskatchewan, and bought the rest in 2013, establishing the Väderstad in Canada. In May 2021, Väderstad acquired the AGCO-Amity joint venture (AAJV) located in Wahpeton, North Dakota, and its brands, including Wil-Rich, Concord, and Wishek.

“AAJV has a strong position on the U.S. market combined with a product portfolio that gives us a more complete product offering in North America,” Mats Båverud, CEO of Väderstad, said last year. “This was an excellent opportunity to increase our footprint in the U.S. Our vision remains the same: to be the world’s leading partner for an outstanding emergence. With the acquisition of AAJV we’re even more excited about the future.”

Both Carrier XL models will be produced in Väderstad’s Wahpeton manufacturing facility.

Carrier XL

The Vaderstad Carrier XL 40 high speed disc in the field
Photo credit: Väderstad

The Carrier XL models are available in 30- and 40-foot working widths. The XL 30 has a three-section design, while the XL 40 has a five-section design with active hydraulic wing down pressure.

“Most 40-foot versions of speed disc products only have three sections. The XL 40 has five sections, so it really follows the ground contours,” says Ben Sander, marketing manager for Väderstad. “We also have a floating hitch, with the cast wheels out front, allowing the tool to follow the dips and hills as you pull it.”

Discs are spaced 9.875 inches on both Carrier XL models. The disc bearings are sealed to protect from the elements — designed to be maintenance free — and specifically made for the Carrier XL models. The implements use sturdy steel disc arms to aid in residue flow among the discs. 

“The disc arms are cast pieces, not welded,” says Sander. “It’s the same arms we use on our European models. Being a cast piece makes it sleeker and stronger than welded.”

Three different finishing options are available, including a rubber or steel roller, and a steel cage. The roller bearings have a rubber suspension designed to increase durability.

The front caster wheels are uniquely designed by Väderstad for the Carrier XL line. The wheels rotate up to 60° to follow the towing tractor around turns without ridging. The caster wheels are  mounted at a forward angle to prevent wobbling at high speeds. The wing fold design on the models lifts the caster wheels off the ground during transport. 

Thanks to the folding design, the Carrier XL is able to have a longer frame. This allows an increased distance between the rear discs and the finisher for better residue flow and less plugging. This also gives the tilled ground more time to settle ahead of the finishing tool.

Disc options

The Vaderstad-forged True Cut disc with slight conical shape.
Photo credit: Väderstad

The conical-shaped True Cut disc. 

Three disc types are available for the Carrier XL 30 and XL 40 models, all of which are manufactured at Väderstad Components in Sweden.

Two of these options are Väderstad’s notched True Cut discs at 20- and 24-inches in diameter. These use a conical shape to prevent wear from riding on the back side of the blade, which you may find on a more bowl-shaped disc, says Sander.

The third option is the 20-inch diameter Crosscutter discs, with full-width ground contact for use in cover crop applications or for sizing small grain residue.

“The Crosscutter disc is for ultra shallow tillage, with a super wavy blade at a slight angle,” says Sander. “This is mainly for going down to less than an inch and chopping up the residue on top.”

The disc types are interchangeable. Owners are also able to change the blade angle to 11°, 13°, or 17°.

Price and availability

The Carrier XL 30 and XL 40 will have limited availability in 2023, with full production scheduled for 2024. Price information is not yet available. For more information, visit

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