Virtually walk around Kinze’s Mach Till

Many farmers are missing in person trade shows canceled due to coronavirus concerns this year. Here’s a close-up look at Mach Till, Kinze Manufacturing’s heavy-built, high-speed tillage tool. Mach Till is designed to prepare seed beds in the spring or incorporate crop residue in the fall.

It is currently available in five sizes.

Mach Till 201 is a 20-foot machine. The 261 model has a working width of 26 feet. These two models fold in half for transport.

Folded blue Kinze Mach Till 302 pulled by a red Case IH tractor in a harvested corn field at sunset
Photo credit: Kinze

Mach Till 302 is a 30-foot tool. The 362 and 412 models have working widths of 36 and 41 feet, respectively. These three models fold into three sections for transport. The most popular models, the 302 and 362, transport at 13 feet, 2 inches.

Mach Till can cover 30 to 60 acres per hour operating at 10 mph or faster.

Mach Till is equipped with mechanical depth control that allows farmers to adjust cutting depth by half-inch intervals.

Close up image of mechanical depth control on Kinze Mach Till
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

The tool’s 20-inch double-V disks feature aggressive cutting edges for slicing soil and residue.

Close up image of double-v disks on Kinze Mach Till
Photo credit: Kinze

The aggressive disks are followed by 20-inch smooth disks designed to till and invert the soil.

Close up image of smooth disks on Kinze Mach Till
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

Each disk arm is independent and has four rubber spring elements that provide 11.5 inches of travel.

The finishing roller on the back of Mach Till leaves a ridged field finish designed to manage moisture, equalize soil density, and prevent erosion.

Close up image of finishing roller on Mach Till from Kinze
Photo credit: Natalina Sents

High-flotation radial tires create a wide footprint designed to minimize compaction in wet conditons.

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