A Toolbox Full of Mechanics’ Innovations

Apollo’s TrueHVLP technology offered in the Maxi-Miser 1000 can save as much as 40% on paint by reducing overspray. The system provides its own clean, warm, and dry air at a high volume through the Turbospray unit (110- or 230-volt) feeding a low-pressure gun through a 37-foot-long hose. The Turbospray unit features include two pressure settings when applying primers and base paint (low pressure) and clear coats (high pressure). The Maxi-Miser M1000 retails for $2,245, which includes a two-year warranty. Go to maxi-miser.com. 

Milwaukee infrared temperature gun
Milwaukee Infrared Temperature Gun

Cordless Infrared Imager

Capable of sensing temperatures from 14°F. to 646°F., the Milwaukee 102×77 Spot Infrared Imager provides a high-resolution image and operates on a 12-volt battery. The tool features Dual Sense Pixel Technology that allows the imager to individually optimize pixels to eliminate the blurring of hot and cold details. The suggested price is $299, which includes a five-year warranty. Go to milwaukeetool.com.

Gariot Pump-Up Sprayer
Gariot Pump-Up Sprayer

Pump-Up Mechanics’ Sprayer

Made to spray nonacidic cleansers and degreasers, the Griot’s Garage Pump-Up Sprayer produces up to 43 psi with a hand pump and holds up to 60 ounces of fluid providing for continuous spraying. Features include an adjustable spray nozzle. The model 77530 retails for $39.99. Go to griotsgarage.com.

Knipex Long Nose Locking Pliers

Angled Locking Pliers

The 8-inch Angled Long Nose Locking Pliers from Knipex incorporate an adjustment screw that controls the holding and gripping pressure for the angled head. Capable of gripping up to a 13∕16-inch hex head, the tool offers a nonserrated gripping area for pinching off hoses. The toggle action lever provides high clamping pressure. List price for the model 4144200 is $49.99. Go to knipex.com.

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