All Around the Farm, May-June 2012

  • Handle Heavy Residue

    Handle Heavy Residue

    To cut residue in half – even bed-packed manure – I attached a no-till coulter to an old planter toolbar placed in front of my floating row cleaners. The row cleaners easily split trash to either side, leaving a clean, lightly tilled seedbed about 6 inches wide. And it won't pin residue in the seed trench.

    Robert Green, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, 717/334-7045

  • Two Hands, a Rope, and a Screwdriver

    Two Hands, a Rope, and a Screwdriver

    Here's a method I use for replacing a connector link in a roller chain. Put a loop in one end of a small nylon rope and tie it to the roller chain as shown. Thread the loop down through the roller chain and back up through. Put a screwdriver through the loop and down through the chain. Push tight and replace the connector link.

    Denver Traum, Mount Carroll, Illinois, 815/244-5701

  • A Cool Dip Keeps Stress Levels Low

    A Cool Dip Keeps Stress Levels Low

    I used several blue-enamel Harvestore silo panels to create an in-ground pool. The panels are bolted together using silicone, and I poured 6 inches of reinforced concrete in the bottom. Stone landscaping with a 4-inch drainage pipe helps keep frost away in the winter. A pump and filter help keep the water clear.

    Michael Foster, Eagle Bridge, New York, 518/686-4254

  • Ladder Stays Safe

    Ladder Stays Safe

    After my feed wagon ladder tore off (again) in the spring when the wagon slid into the bunks, I cut the bottom rung off and hinged it. Now, before I go to the field, I simply fold the ladder up so it doesn't contact the feed bunk. An attached spring holds it either up or down.

    Caleb Wilkinson, Marshalltown, Iowa, 641/753-5088

  • Idea Of the Month: Barn roof extension

    Idea Of the Month: Barn Roof Extension

    Hydraulic rams on the tops of vertical steel posts supporting a 6-foot roof extension lift to raise the addition to 11 feet high so the tractors can drive under. The tractor's hydraulic outlet is the power source for the pivoting roof. A hose runs down the first post, under ground, and up the other two posts.

    Vernon Hege, Tremonton, Utah, 435/452-2198

  • Send us your ideas

    Send us your ideas

    Submissions should be precise. Include a sketch or photograph when needed. The Idea of the Month receives a $2,500 Firestone in-store credit offer. We pay $200 for ideas that appear with drawings and $100 for unillustrated ideas. Send idea, a daytime phone number, and email address to or to: Successful Farming Magazine All Around The Farm 1716 Locust Street/LS257 Des Moines, IA 50309.

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