All Around the Farm: Mid-March 2015

  • Give work light a new stand with adjustable legs

    Give work light a new stand with adjustable legs 
    The original short, fixed legs on my work light stand were useful on only very level and smooth surfaces. I made a simple bracket that let me attach the halogen light fixture to an old camera tripod I wasn’t using. The tripod’s adjustable legs make the light much more versatile.       
    Jerome Anderson | Macomb, Illinois

  • Animal water tub also makes a larger grain hopper

    Animal water tub also makes a larger grain hopper
    Shopping for a new and larger hopper, I found they were expensive and still lacked the capacity and ease of alignment I wanted. So I used a 110-gallon animal water tub, which quadrupled the capacity and made it much easier to line up to. This saves time cleaning up spilled grain, and I can dump at full auger load capacity.    
    George Myers | Burrer Farms

  • Windshield stays open

    Windshield stays open 
    It’s nice to have the windshield partly open on my UTV. If it’s open any wider than just a few inches, though, it slams shut. To keep it in place, I cut ³∕8-inch rubber hose into two 45∕8-inch-long pieces. They go on the two cylinders. Now, I enjoy the breeze without worrying about the windshield slamming down.        
    Aaron Waldner | Britton, South Dakota        

  • It’s a real high light

    It’s a real high light 
    In the rural community I live in, most people now have cable, so they don’t use their tall residential TV antenna towers any longer. I held onto mine, though, because I found that it makes a great place for a security light. Whenever a bulb or photocell needs changed, I just climb right up the tower to attend to it.     
    Don Staples | Mt. Hermon, Kentucky  

  • Device makes lifting mineral tubs easier

    Device makes lifting mineral tubs easier 
    With this tub lifter, I can use the bale bed arms to lift tubs of mineral or protein into the bed of my pickup when I need to take them out to one of my pastures. I get the pliers close to the lip of the tub, get out, put the two pairs of pliers over the lip, and pull up to tighten the chain that’s welded on the end of the pliers.
    Ryan Njos | Rhame, North Dakota

  • Sweeten the deal for cattle

    Sweeten the deal for cattle   
    Besides playing music while working cattle, I have another trick to help them stay calm: I capture their senses of taste and smell. I mix a moist and pasty blend of protein, molasses flakes, some fine-ground grain, and something sticky, like syrup. Then, I swipe it on their muzzle with a clean paintbrush. While they’re licking their chops, we get the vet work done.      
    Lee Schwery | Lathrop, Missouri

  • Snowplow feet keep bucket from damaging yards and driveways

    Snowplow feet keep bucket from damaging yards     
    I’ve installed two round snowplow feet, one at each front corner of my bucket. The plow feet are inserted from the bottom. A piece of pipe is cut to fit over the shaft of each foot; the pipe is just big enough to allow one or two washers and the spring clamp to fit snugly. They’re very easy to remove when not needed.      
    Hans Mobius | Clarence, New York

  • Indicator light prevents pump failure

    Indicator light prevents pump failure
    I wired a 110-volt light into my well’s circuit to serve as a pilot light. Now, I have a way to tell when my well is in operation. This immediately indicates to me if there is a problem, such as a broken hydrant or a broken pipe out in the barn. Having the ability to detect such a problem quicker may also save my well pump from overheating and subsequent failure.  
    Jeff Reddemann | Le Center, Minnesota

The latest ideas from farmer inventors. Compiled by Paula Barbour.

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