All Around the Farm, November 2012

  • Oil Filters, on Guard!

    Oil Filters, on Guard!

    I took the guard from an old pedestal fan and put it upside down on an unused water softener brine tank I had. It sure makes a neat and clean way to drain oil filters. Or, if you don't have an old water softener tank, it will sit just as nicely on a 5-gallon bucket. By the way, “All Around the Farm” is the first segment of Successful Farming magazine I always turn to first thing.

    Gary Burmeister Lost Nation, Iowa, 563/678-2825

  • Nice Way to Clean Out Stock Tanks

    Clean Out Stock Tanks

    I attached about a 1×1-foot scrap piece of hail screen to a piece from the side of a cage left over when a roll of barbed wire is completely unrolled. At first I used small-gauge pieces of wire to hold them together, but I've since upgraded to plastic wire ties that hold up better. This simple tool removes pieces of feed and trash that end up floating in my stock tanks.

    John Hansen McCracken, Kansas, 785/394-2316

  • Lazy Susan for Hand Tools is Neat and Convenient

    Lazy Susan for Hand Tools is Neat and Convenient

    This farm-built turntable is a very handy piece in my shop. It organizes small tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, and locking pliers. I have, in fact, built and painted several of these steel stands. This one is 5½ feet tall, and the bottom tray has about a 30-inch diameter.

    Bruce Neuenschwander Dalton, Ohio, 330/465-0119

  • Beats Wood Staples

    Beats Wood Staples

    I slip a #35 sash chain link over wire then drive the screw into my post, using a ¼-inch magnetic nut setter. It's the ideal fastener. It looks neat; takes less effort; won't work loose, bend or break, or split or crack posts; and zinc-plating prevents rust. I call these post huggers, and I've used them for nearly 10 years.

    Richard Peters St. Marys, Kansas,

  • Idea of the Month: Auguring Feeder Bucket

    Idea of the Month: Auguring Feeder Bucket

    This auguring feeder bucket slashes chore time and reduces risk. The operator can speed up, slow down, or reverse the auger's flow using a variable-speed valve in the cab. 

    Rob Uhlenhake, Ossian, Iowa,

  • Send us Your Ideas

    Send us Your Ideas

    Submissions should be precise. Include a sketch or photograph when needed. The Idea of the Month receives a $2,500 Firestone in-store credit offer. We pay $200 for ideas that appear with drawings and $100 for unillustrated ideas. Send idea, a daytime phone number, and email address to or to: Successful Farming Magazine All Around The Farm 1716 Locust Street/LS257 Des Moines, IA 50309.

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