Echo introduces 13 products for 2021

Echo has introduced 13 tools and accessories for farmers and land managers for 2021. Their newest products include three chainsaw models, a portable fire pump, and pressure washer accessories.

Echo Incorporated has been making outdoor power equipment for commercial and homeowner use in Illinois since 1972.

Echo CS-7310P chainsaw

Studio image of the CS-7310P from Echo introduced in December 2020
Photo credit: Echo

This large chainsaw features a high-power 73.5 cc 2-stroke commercial grade engine and best-in-class filtration. It’s available in four bar lengths – 20-, 24-, 28-, and 32-in. and starts at $799.99.

Echo CS-2511P chainsaw

Studio image of the CS-2511P chainsaw from Echo introduced in December 2020
Photo credit: Echo

This gas-powered, rear-handle chainsaw is the lightest of its kind in the world, weighing 5.7 lbs. without the bar and chain. The CS-2511P was designed with farmers and hunters in mind and is ideal for climbing. It packs into a UTV easily. Operators can choose between 12- and 14-in. bar lengths. Starting price for the CS-2511P is $399.99.

Echo CS-4910 chainsaw

Studio image of the CS-4910 chainsaw from ECHO introduced in December 2020
Photo credit: Echo

The new CS-4910 chainsaw replaces Echo’s CS-490. It’s the lightest 50 cc chainsaw on the market and was made to tackle tree felling, limbing, firewood cutting, storm clean up, pruning low-level branches, brush thinning, and fence post cutting. This model is available in 16-, 18-, and 20-in. bar lengths and starts at $359.99.

All of Echo’s chainsaws come with a one-year commercial warranty and a five-year consumer warranty.

Echo FP-2126 fire pump

Studio image of the FP-2126
Photo credit: Echo

In rural areas, the closest fire department may be more than 15 minutes away. Echo designed the FP-2126 to help farmers and land managers keep fire at bay until firefighters arrive. This pump can use a nearby stream, pond, or pool as a water source and is powerful enough to reach 2 stories. Livestock farmers may also find this a helpful tool. The FP-2126 starts at $999.99.

Echo EGi-3600LN generator

Studio image of the EGi-3600LN from ECHO
Photo credit: Echo

The EGi-3600LN is a low-noise inverter generator capable of providing 3,600 watts of power. This product is just over 100 lbs and portable with two wheels and a handle. Starting price is $999.99.

Echo HCA-2620S hedge trimmer

Studio image of the HCA-2620S from ECHO
Photo credit: Echo

The company’s newest short-length shafted hedge trimmer features a 25.4 cc professional-grade 2-stoke engine. The reduced length of the shaft makes this trimmer easier to maneuver. MSRP for the HCA 2620S is $519.99.

Echo PB-9010 blower

Studio image of the PB-9010 from Echo
Photo credit: Echo

Echo introduced the world’s most powerful backpack blower with a 79.9 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine. It produces 1,110 CFM of air volume at a speed of 220 mph at the nozzle. Suggested retail price is $599.99.

Echo SRM-410X

Studio image of the SRM-410X from Echo
Photo credit: Echo

The company’s most power full trimmer in North America will be available in the spring of 2021.

Red Armor 4-stroke oil

Studio image of the new Red Armor oil product from ECHO
Photo credit: Echo

Echo now offers a 100% full-synthetic oil. Its formulated to keep engines clean while promoting long-term engine durability and is intended for both hot and cold weather use. MSRP is $9.99 a bottle.

Red Armor pump guard

This product is formulated to protect pressure washer pumps, pistons, and seals. The universal fit nozzle is designed to work with all brands. MSRP is $9.99 a can.

Echo CS Water Kit

Studio image of the CS water kit from ECHO
Photo credit: Echo

A new pressurized water tank for concrete saws is among Echo’s new products for 2021. It features a 10 ft. hose and universal fit for most concrete saws.

Echo Pressure Washer Accessories

The company is now offering 9 pressure washer accessories.

  • 2nd story nozzle kit
  • 35-ft. pressure washer replacement hose
  • 5-in-1 nozzle
  • quick connect coupler kit
  • spray gun
  • 5 piece spray tips
  • spray wand
  • surface cleaner
  • turbo nozzle
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