Farm favorites from Husqvarna

  • Husqvarna Research & Development

    Husqvarna Research & Development

    Husqvarna unveiled a new Research & Development facility last week in Charlotte, North Carolina, and was on site for the occasion. We were given the opportunity to test a number of products, new and old. Here are my six favorites for farmers.

  • 562 XP Chainsaw

    562 XP Chainsaw

    The 562 XP chainsaw is a professional-grade saw, ideal for felling, bucking, and de-limbing. The saw uses Revboost, allowing it to increase to maximum RPMs for about two seconds without having the engine run wide open for extended periods of time. The model also features a slimmed-down design and a new handle. MSRP: $699.95

  • MZ6128ZT Zero-Turn Mower

    MZ6128ZT Zero-Turn Mower

    The MZ6128ZT has a 28 hp. engine and 61-inch cutting width. A commercial transmission is fully serviceable and offers higher ground speeds. An ergonomic deck lifting system offers precise cutting height adjustment, and is easily adjusted from the operator’s seat. MSRP: $4,999.95

  • HVT52 Hovering Trimmer

    HVT52 Hovering Trimmer

    The HVT52 Hovering Trimmer offers a 135 cc engine and 20.5-inch cutting width. Ideal for hills difficult to mow with a wheeled mower, the hover trimmer is easily maneuvered and floats just above the ground. MSRP: $619.95

  • HU800BBC Mower

    HU800BBC Mower

    THe HU800BBC mower features a 160 cc Honda engine, a 22-inch cutting width, and a single point height adjustment. A Blade Brake Clutch (BBC) stops blades with the press of a lever, keeping the engine running while emptying the bagger. Also, dual controls are designed to work for left or right hands. MSRP: $439.95

  • GTH26V52LS Garden Tractor

    GTH26V52LS Garden Tractor

    The GTH26V52LS garden tractor features a 26 hp. Kawasaki engine, 52-inch fabricated steel cutting deck, and a hydrostatic transmission, which optimizes speed and provides comfort while driving. MSRP: $3,099.95

  • SG13 Stump Grinder

    SG13 Stump Grinder

    The SG13 stump grinder features a 11.7 hp. Honda engine and 12-inch cut depth. An M1 cutting head provides sharp, fast cutting with tungsten carbide-tipped wheel, and a folding handle enables the operator to adjust the angle of the handle to maintain a comfortable, safe stance. MSRP: $3,899.95

These six tools from Husqvarna are sure to make chores around your property a bit easier.

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