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All-in-one solutions

If you’ve ever owned
anything that bears the name Craftsman, you know your money was well spent on
these solid, reliable tools.

For more than 80 years, the
Craftsman name has been providing farmers with innovative tools to complete any
job of any size.

The company continues that
tradition with the latest additions to its hand-tool lineup: the Craftsman
Universal Mechanics Tool Set and the Craftsman Universal Ratchet and Socket

And in case you didn’t know,
all Craftsman hand tools come with a lifetime guarantee.

Mechanics Tool Set

The 56-piece Craftsman
Universal Mechanics Tool Set (pictured) incorporates socket and wrenches that
feature the unique universal tooth design, which can grip six different types
of nuts and bolts: six-point, 12-point, partially rounded, external TORX, and
square- and spline-shape fasteners.

The kit includes 18
universal sockets, a universal 3⁄8-inch ratchet with a 45-tooth ratcheting
mechanism and an 8° ratcheting arc, and 14 Craftsman universal wrenches.

The universal wrench
features a reinforced open end that reduces tip spread under heavy load to
prevent rounded fasteners. Flip it around for a closed end side that features
an angled head for better clearance, leverage, and the universal tooth design.
Also included in the set are hex keys, a screwdriver base, and 10 different
types of screwdriver tips. The 56-piece Craftsman Universal Mechanics Tool Set
retails for $79.99.

Ratchet And Socket Set

The universal tooth sockets
are available in a nine-piece Socket Set in both inch and metric and can be
used with any Craftsman 3⁄8-inch drive ratchet. The sockets feature a knurled
socket grip, which provides gripping power when changing sizes. The nine-piece
Socket Set retails for $14.99.

Sockets are also available
as a 19-piece Socket Wrench Set that comes with a universal ratchet and both
inch and metric socket sizes. The ratchet features a 45-tooth ratcheting
mechanism that provides an 8° ratcheting arc. A quick-release button allows for
easy socket attachment and removal. The 19-piece set includes a reusable caddy
with a carrying handle with holes for hanging on the wall to display. The set
sells for $34.99.

Project Edison

Whether large or small, many
innovative ideas are born on the farm. But getting those ideas out of the shop
and into the hands of someone who knows how to manufacture, market, and even
distribute that innovation can be both time-consuming and costly.

That’s where the Craftsman
Tool Team comes in. They would like to help you develop your idea into a great
Craftsman tool.

If you have an innovative
hand tool, power tool, or lawn and garden tool idea, the team wants to hear
from you.

Once you submit your idea,
they will review it and determine if it fits within their product line.

Does your tool have a
patent? If not, no worries. If it’s patentable, Craftsman will pay for the
patent and may use their development resources to make your idea a reality. If
your patented tool is offered for sale, you will be rewarded with a royalty.

Sound good? Then round up
your ideas and send them in!

To learn more about the
Sears policy on submitting ideas or inventions and the terms of the submission
agreement, visit Craftsman at and click on the Project Edison

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