Heavy-Duty Hand Tools

Recent tool introductions vary from super-duty screwdrivers and utility knives, to sockets that reach into tight spots, to the ultimate mechanics tool set, all backed by industry-leading warranties. 

Lifetime warranty on insulated screwdrivers
The ultimate in insulated screwdrivers is also the only tool on the market UL Classified 1000V (for 1,000 volts). Milwaukee’s insulated drivers feature a flame-resistant insulation bonded to the tool’s shank in addition to an outer layer of insulation. 

The screwdrivers come in three-, four-, and 10-piece sets. Each offers a variety of shank lengths (3 to 8 inches long), tips (slotted, Phillips, Torx, and square), and sizes. 

The list price for a three-piece set (6-inch slotted and two 4-inch Phillips and Torx heads) is $29.99. For more, go to milwaukeetool.com.

Low-profile sockets perfect for tight fits
Fabricated from a special alloy steel and heat-treated for strength and durability, Snap-on’s ¼-inch-drive Torx sockets are designed with an inverted profile to fit into tight work spaces.

The six-piece set, model 106RTLE, features bolt clearance through the hole and nickel chrome plating. The sockets can be used with a ¼-extension or any ¼-inch or 11-millimeter ratchet. The set includes E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, and E10 heads held in a storage tray.

The list price for the six-piece set is $81.60. For more, go to snapon.com.

Utility knife is designed for heavy-duty work
More than a utility knife, the Striker Talon not only offers an easy flip-out knife backed up by an easy-access blade storage holder, but also features a hardened steel file built into the side of the blade housing. This allows you to quickly clean rough edges on drywall, wood, and even light metal, eliminating the need for a file or rasp. 

The Talon offers a striking cap on the back of the handle that can be used to knock out cuts or to set exposed nails. 

The tool’s handle is aluminum and is designed to fit into your hand. A thumb stud opens and closes the blade, and a spring steel lock secures the blade between changes. The blade insert-locks into place and will not accidentally release the knife during work.

The Striker Talon retails for $12.99. For more, go to strikerhandtools.com.

Ultimate tool set fits six different fastener types
Besides carrying the Craftsman name that comes with a lifetime warranty, the Universal 153-piece Mechanics Tool Set features Craftsman universal design. This innovation allows the set’s sockets to work on six different types of fasteners, including six- and 12-point, square, Torx, spline, and even partially rounded hex heads.

The set includes ¼-, ³∕8-, and ½-inch socket (standard and deep lengths) drive sizes for a total of 59 sockets in addition to 21 wrenches in both standard and metric sizes. Additional tools include 22 hex keys (standard and metric), nut driver bits, screwdriver bits, and a ratchet.

All the tools in the set are finished in black oxide and carry high-contrast markings. All the tools are held in a hard red plastic molded case.

The model 39153 set has a suggested retail price of $199.99. For more, go to craftsman.com.

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