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Pliers, snips, and more

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corporation, a company known for quality power tools, expanded their reach in 2010 by unveiling a line of hand tools. Since then, the company continues to rapidly expand this segment, and recently it launched additional hand tools in three new categories: pliers, snips, and PEX cutters.

“We are committed to rapidly growing our hand tool business,” says Tim Albrecht, Milwaukee Tool. “We continue to add more resources to this business unit and to further invest in its development.”


While it may seem like there aren't many hand tools left to invent, the company, which is based in Brookfield, Wisconsin, is putting that assumption to rest by adding 18 more hand tools with innovative features that are industry firsts, like the family of 6-in-1 tools.

Members of this family include lineman's pliers, diagonal-cutting pliers, combination wire pliers, and long-nose pliers. The 6-in-1 concept is designed to reduce the number of hand tools needed to complete common applications. Fewer tools also means less weight to haul around.

For example, the 6-in-1 combination and long-nose pliers can be used not only for standard plier applications but also for reaming pipe, cutting wire, stripping wire, and making loops. The combination pliers can also cut bolts; while the long-nose pliers can pull nails.

“The 6-in-1 combination pliers feature a new world design that combines a metal deburring tool, wire stripper, and needle-nose pliers to completely eliminate the need to carry three separate tools,” says Albrecht.


The company also introduced six new snips with 10 times longer life. Making the snips with corrosion-resistant metal protects against rust.

“The new snips provide best-in-class durability, and they are also designed to uphold the highest level of ease of use and safety,” says Albrecht. “An exclusive spring-and-lock mechanism allows the user to open and close the snips with one hand, while thumb and forefinger slots allow the user to push through sheet metal with ease. The cutter heads feature subflush bolts to prevent the tool from getting hung up on sheet metal while cutting.”


The ProPEX/Tubing Cutter features an exclusive, replaceable double-ground steel blade and an all-metal core.

“Until now, manual ProPEX and tubing cutters were typically modified by the end user to strengthen the handles,” says Albrecht. “This tool is virtually indestructible due to its all-metal design.”

Each of the products is drop forged, machined for maximum precision, and treated to resist rust. The overmolded grips add comfort and last longer than handles that are rubber dipped. All of the hand tools are backed by Milwaukee's limited lifetime warranty.

The 18 new hand tools range in price from $17.99 to $34.99.

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