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Pulling fence posts

Matt Baldwin had a problem. Removing old wooden fence posts and replacing them with new posts on his West Virginia farm was a frustrating and painful chore. “Pulling out fence posts on my farmland, especially when some of it was on hilly terrain, was a difficult process,” he says. “I tore up the ground, broke off posts at ground level, and strained my back.”

Knowing there had to be an easier, less painful way to remove posts, Baldwin drafted his idea for the BullPull, a tool that hoists posts and shrubs out of the ground using a chain and a lever resting on a fulcrum.

“It's a hand tool that will extract any type of fence post,” he says. “And it can pull shrubs and small saplings out as well.”

Baldwin says one of the biggest assets of his patented product (which is made in the U.S.) is that it – rather than your back – bears the brunt of pulling the post.

“It's all in the leverage and the design,” he says. “It takes most of the strain off your back and puts it into the machine. The BullPull does a lot of the work with a little bit of effort from you.”

An added bonus is that the tool leaves no property damage behind – just the original post hole.

“It also pulls posts almost straight out, so there is no damage to an existing fence line,” notes Baldwin. “You simply detach the wire from the post, extract it, put another in its place, and reattach the fence wire."

Constructed of steel and weighing 27 pounds, this tool offers a 120-square-edge high-grade chain and D-ring assembly. The more force that is put on the handle, the tighter the chain grips, which allows for a firm, practically nonslip grip.

“The vertical positions or clips are bent ¼-inch steel welded to the tower at five positions. This allows you to pick and choose where you want or need to start the post extraction,” Baldwin says. “For heavy and deep posts, you can start at the bottom with the first handle pin and get a 15:1 lift ratio to start the post moving and gradually work your way up using any handle pin and vertical position.”

Scaled-down version

What's next for the BullPull? “I've finished several prototypes of a scaled-down version, which is basically smaller in size than the original model,” he says. “It looks almost identical, but it's smaller, shorter, lighter, and designed for T-posts and 4×4s. It will be a nice tool for small farms or homeowners.”

Baldwin is also planning to add several attachments for both units to enhance the tool's capabilities.

Prices range from $460 to $480. 

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