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Wrench Innovations


Leave it to innovative tool engineers to create new designs that take ordinary hand wrenches to a new level of performance. Here are four such examples.

1. The secret is in the special notch
These aren’t just another set of pretty wrenches from Craftsman. The Max Axess Long Pattern wrenches feature a unique Surface Drive. The open end of the wrench provides a stronger grip, reduces fastener rounding, and delivers up to 25% more torque. The same design in use on the box end of the tool provides off-corner loading for a better grip and reduced rounding.
The Max Axess wrenches offer Long Pattern handles that are longer to provide more reach and torque. The handles are ultrathin for working in tight spaces.

The nine-piece wrench set is available in both standard and metric tools. The suggested retail price for each set is $39.99. For more, visit

2. 84 teeth for a shorter swing
Offering a ratchet working arc of just 4.3°, GearWrench’s 84T ratchets are perfect for working in tight spaces. The 84Ts are available with either paddle handles or the polished chrome teardrop design (shown right). The line also offers offset, long, stubby, and locking flex wrenches in 1∕4-, 3∕8-, and 1∕2-inch drive sizes. 

The suggested retail prices are $52.89 for the 1∕2-inch drive, $48.52 for the 3∕8-inch drive, and $26.58 for the 1∕4-inch drive with long (11 inches long) teardrop full chrome-polished handles. For more information, go to

3. All-around wrench readily fits in a pocket
Designed to drop in a pocket when not being used, Crescent’s CFW2 Flip and Grip Ratcheting Wrench features a unique pivoting jaw head that fits over 50 different sizes or types of fasteners, including four- and six-point bolts, E-Torx, wing nuts, eyebolts, and hooks. The design of the wrench allows it to reach around obstacles and into tight spaces.


When you’re done working, the pivoting jaw head folds back into its handle for storage.
The two-piece set, which includes 8- and 6-inch-long wrenches, retails for $43.38. For more information, go to

4. Massive wrench is 30 inches long
Measuring a full 30 inches stem to stern, IREGA’s IR77-30 adjustable wrench is certainly huge. The 12-pound tool is specifically engineered for use with cheater bars, due to a handle that is 11∕2 inches thick and 61∕3 inches wide.

The wrench’s massive frame hosts a larger jaw capacity that opens a full 3 inches wide. Those jaws also feature perfectly parallel surfaces and precision-ground sides. The tool is triple-chrome plated for maximum rust resistance. 

For more information, go to


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