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Innovative Hand Tools

Milwaukee Pipe Wrench

Milwaukee’s 10L pipe wrench not only includes an extended-length (17-inch) Powerlength handle but also features the Overbite Jaw, which offers additional gripping teeth. The tool’s slim jaw profile, paired with its extended length, allows for maximum leverage in tight spaces. A dual-coil spring design offers longer tool life. The wrench comes in a wide variety of steel and aluminum versions and has a lifetime warranty. Go to

Dewalt Demo Hammer

The unique design of the DeWalt Demo Hammer features a patent-pending recessed drywall wedge as well as an elongated claw curve and oversize strike face for breaking through drywall. A 2×4-inch gripper allows for easy grabbing and prying of floor boards and framing. The tool includes a large strike face that can be used not only for demolition purposes but also to drive nails. The model DWHT51366 retails for $29.99. Go to

Gearwrench Bolt Biter

Bolt Biter Extraction Sockets don’t cut and dig into rounded fasteners using sharp one-direction spiral design blades found on other extraction sockets. Instead, the tapered internal flutes of the incrementally sized sockets fit snugly over stripped or corroded fasteners, gripping even the most rounded shapes to turn and remove them. The sockets work by simply being placed on fasteners without having to hammer them into position. The sockets’ design preserves the fastener, allowing them to be reused after being removed by using the Gearwrench socket. Also, the sockets offer up to 10 times the usable life of cutting-type extraction sockets. Bolt biters are sold individually (for retail prices ranging from $13 to $19) or in 8-, 15-, or 28-piece sets. Go to

Gearwrench Tolling Head Bar

The rolling head on Gearwrench’s 15-inch pry bar provides maximum leverage allowing you to pry objects apart or lift and rotate heavy machinery. The tapered end is perfect for aligning bolt holes. The model 70-519G is manufactured from high-alloy steel for strength and durability. Its retail price is $45. Go to

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