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Leitner's ACS cargo rack system for your pickup

The Active Cargo System (ACS) by Leitner Designs is a modular rack system for your pickup truck of choice, with a range of sizes available for models ranging as far back as 1999. 

Leitner offers three variations to the ACS: the Classic model, tonneau truck bed cover compatible model, and the company’s flagship Forged model. These are compatible with trucks from Chevy, Ford, GMC, Jeep, Nissan, Ram, and Toyota. 

“As a truck owner and entrepreneur, I designed the Active Cargo System to be modular and fit with a variety of load-carrying possibilities,” says Bernhard Leitner, the founder and CEO of Leitner Designs. “It’s intentionally overbuilt, feature rich, and looks good while doing it all. Our latest ACS Forged rack was designed right here in California and is made with pride from our facilities here in Southern California.”

Truck bed racks are available from many other brands, but the ACS Forged bed rack makes use of many of Leitner’s nine patents. Most notably is the sliding rear load bar, allowing owners to fit taller items into the truck without removing the rack. With Leitner’s ever increasing line of accessories, there are plenty of additional utility features owners can add to their ACS.

The ACS sits on top of the cargo bed, and requires drilling for two brackets and two support arms. Rail clamps help hold the rest of the ACS in place.  

Active Cargo System Forged

The Leitner ACS Forged cargo rack on a white background.
Photo credit: Leitner Designs

The Forged moniker comes from the system’s forged, single-piece aluminum alloy uprights, with custom 10.9 alloy steel fasteners. The load bars are heavy-duty at 2-inches thick.

ACS Forged is lightweight at 85 pounds, and has a carrying capacity of 400 pounds for off-road travel, 800 pounds for on-road travel, and 1,400 pounds when parked. From the top of the bed caps, the ACS measures at 23 inches tall, comparable to a standard truck bed topper. 

To keep cargo from shifting while on the road, Leitner has included a rubber wind diffuser.

ACS Classic

The ACS Classic is a little lighter than its Forged version at 81 pounds, and features military-grade aluminum construction. The lighter form factor also comes with lower carrying capacity with 250 pounds for off-road travel, 500 pounds for on-road travel, and 1,000 pounds when parked.

ACS Forged Tonneau

Leitner has an ACS for truck owners with a T-slot rail retractable tonneau cover on their cargo bed. This is a bolt-on design, with no further drilling required. Leitner recommends using a powered tonneau cover, as the release lever on non-powered versions will interfere with the ACS, and the cover will not be able to fully retract. 

This model has the lowest maximum carrying capacity with on-road weight at 400 pounds, and parked weight at 800 pounds.

Built for accessories

A Ford Maverick pickup truck with the ACS Forged cargo rack.
Photo credit: Leitner Designs

The ACS uses a quad-rail, load beam rack designed to be customized with a range of available accessories for each owner's individual hauling needs. Some of these accessories include:

  • Various sizes of locking, water-resistant GearPods for storage, along with PVC patches to label them
  • GearBags designed to fit inside the GearPods
  • Shower kit, offered in ACS rack-mounted or portable styles
  • Awning mount system
  • Antenna bracket
  • Rooftop tent bracket
  • RotoPax fuel pods
  • Universal mounting plate

In addition to Leitner’s lineup of accessories, the ACS is compatible with many Thule, Rhino-Rack, and Yakima accessories. It also works with the Decked brand of storage systems. 

Price and availability

The Leitner ACS Forged rack is available for $1,950, the ACS Classic is available for $1,550, and the ACS Tonneau is available for $1,650. All models, including the recently announced model compatible with the Ford Maverick truck, are available to order now. For more information, visit

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