Lubricant innovations

Check out these lubricant cool tools you won't want to be without!

Severe Gear Lube

Amsoil offers its Severe Gear lubricants in flexible packages that make it easier to access fill holes, even in confined spaces. This results in less mess and less wasted product, which often happens with traditional quart containers. The Easy Pack has undergone extensive testing to withstand aggressive handling. Easy Packs are available with Severe Gear 75W-90 and 75W-140 synthetic gear lube. Go to

Syringe-Like Auto Fluid Extractor

This syringe-action tool is designed to work with a wide variety of automotive fluids such as diesel fuel, motor oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, rear differential fluid, and coolant. Uses include include fluid transfer from master cylinders, power steering fluid reservoirs, transaxles, coolant reservoirs, diesel fuel filters and cylinders. The Mityvac MVA6852 fluid extractor and dispenser is comprised of a 1½-liter reservoir, twist valve and dual-seal piston. The tool will not leak and is also serviceable and easy to disassemble. In addition to the extractor-dispenser, the kit includes the MVA7218 rubber ATF adapter for connecting the extractor to MVA5800 ATF refill kit adapters. The MVA6852 retails for between $37 and $57. Go to 


Grease Gun Completely Empties a Catridge


The patented delivery system on BG Products’ Lube Shuttle completely empties a reuseable grease cartridge. This is made possible by the grease gun’s higher pressure of 4,300 psi which is created in the barrel and through the hose to expell nearly 100% of the grease in a cartridge. The gun works with BG screw-top refillable cartridges that can be refilled up to four times for reuse. The gun is compatible with BG Products lubricating and multipurpose greases. For more information on the Model PN 9690 Go to

Odometer Style Fluid Dispenser


An odometer-style mechanical meter for fluid dispensing application is being offered in four models by Lincoln Industrial. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the meters feature a nonresettable totalizer that keeps track of product usage over time, as well as a batch totalizer with push-button reset. The meters have an oval gear mechanism that provides accuracy across a wide range of viscosities and a trigger lock that enables hands-free dispensing for large volume delivery. The meters offer a protective black shroud and are fully repairable for longer service life. Go to

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