Power Tool Advances

Four Settings to Suit the Job

Delivering 1,500 foot-pounds of maximum torque puts Ingersoll Rand’s ½-inch impact at the top of its class. For added measure, the W7152 offers four power settings (maximum, one half, wrench tight, and hand tight) so the tool can be set to a specific need and to prevent overtightening. Other tool features include a shadowless LED task light, steel-reinforced frame, chemical-resistant housing, and optional 2-inch extended anvil. The W7152 (tool only) retails for $199. Go to ingersollrandproducts.com.

Metabo impact wrench

Battery or Plug-in Impact

Metabo’s MultiVolt ¾-inch impact wrench operates off a 36-volt battery or 120-volt plug-in. The model WR36DAQ4 turns out 812 foot-pounds of tightening torque or 1,328 foot-pounds of nut-busting reverse torque. Features for the 8.8-pound tool include a four-stage electronic speed selection (speeds from 0 to 1,500 rpm), variable-speed trigger, battery fuel gauge, brushless motor, and LED work light. The WR36DAQ4 retails for $499 (tool only). Go to metabo.com.

CP 1-inch toque limited-impact wrench

Inch Impact Sets Torque Limits

The CP7782TL-6 is the first 1-inch torque limited-impact wrench on the market designed to avoid overtightening fasteners. That function limits forward torque to around 370 foot-pounds, ideal when working with tires. Otherwise, the wrench turns out up to 1,920 foot-pounds of torque in reverse. The tool’s aluminum housing and shock-absorbing bumpers protect the tool from daily use, while the ergonomic D-handle provides a comfortable grip. Online prices for the tool range from $690 to $800. Go to cp.com. 

DeWalt All Purpose light

5,000-Lumen LED Light

You can fine-tune the light output from DeWalt’s DCL074 All Purpose Light using three variable brightness settings starting with the maximum 5,000 lumens. Capable of running for up to 11 hours (at low setting), the 12-inch-high light can be used freestanding, hung from a hook or rafter, or mounted on a tripod. Features include an impact-resistant lens, durable roll-cage design, and a free Tool Connect app that allows you to control and monitor the light remotely using a smartphone. The cordless DCL074 retails for $199, which includes a three-year warranty.

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