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A Trio of Tools

Sharpen up your shop work with these innovations made 
for grinding or restoring edges. 

Sharpen disks in place in a few minutes
Return disk edges on implements to factory sharpness without removing them from the tillage tool with the portable EdgeCare Plus system from Ingersoll Tillage Group (shown above). The implement wheels into place, operating on standard 110-volt power. Its unique design allows for fast and easy positioning to the gang.

The cold sharpening process used by the EdgeCare Plus extends blade life, due to the tool’s unique inside ground bevel profile. This edge improves a disk’s cutting ability in the field, but it will not reduce blade diameter.

When positioned, average sharpening time is two to three minutes for a 24-inch-diameter disk. An extra sharpening wheel is included. with the machine. 

The retail price of the EdgeCare Plus is $2,450. For more information, go to

Revive damaged threads
Revive stripped or damaged threads and eliminate the need for a collection of taps and dies with NES Thread Repair tools. Available in a variety of single tools or sets, the NES design employs hardened cutting blades to restore threads in use. There’s no need to determine bolt size, depth, and pitch, because the tools adjust to these differences.

The NES tools work with standard or metric sizes and right- or left-hand threads. Plus, they can repair threads that are at the beginning of a nut or bolt (which taps and dies do not). The External TreadMate retails for $35.40; the Combination Repair Set retails for $237.50. For more information about NES sets, go to

Battery grinder is as powerful as corded tools
Due to the use of lithium-ion batteries and brushless motors (that deliver more power and offer 10 times the life of brushed units), Milwaukee Tool’s M18 cordless grinder delivers the same performance as a corded grinder. The M18 operates at 8,500 rpm, powering 4.5- and 5-inch disks. Retail price range is $169 to $299. For more information about the grinder, go to

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