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Chain saw redefined

Despite all the available safety features and protective gear, chain saw injuries still happen. These fast moving wood cutting machines, with their sharp chains, can cause harm to you in a split second.

To reduce the risk factor in the most common chain saw injuries – a high-speed exposed chain and kickback – WORX has designed and engineered the JawSaw.

Specific tool features

The jaw of the tool almost completely encloses the chain, guarding you from possible contact and also reducing the risk of coming in contact with unintended objects. The JawSaw features a scissor cut, which forces the bar and chain through the wood from a safe angle. The steel teeth bite down on what you're working on and lock the tool in place while cutting.

The machine makes cleaning up downed branches easier and safer. Conventional chain saws let the chain hit the ground, causing damage to the chain and bar and increasing the risk of kickback. JawSaw's jaw design prevents the chain from touching the ground when the tool is being used on downed branches.

An optional extension pole attachment extends the JawSaw's reach up to 12 feet, making it a nice solution for pruning and cutting hard-to-reach limbs. The pole requires no tools to attach, and it can be removed in seconds.

“The JawSaw takes much of the bending and lifting out of branch and brush cleanup, and it helps minimize the climbing and reaching of tree pruning,” says Joe Ferris, product manager for WORX. “Besides being a labor-saving workhorse, this eco-friendly, electric chain saw is emission-free and has minimal operating costs compared to gas-powered models.”

The JawSaw also features Auto-Tension, an easy-to-use chain replacement and tensioning system. While some standard chain saws require two separate tools to replace and tension the chain or replace the bar, one bolt on the JawSaw's body does it all.

“This eco-friendly, electric chain saw is emission-free and has minimal operating costs.”

Its patented chain-tensioning system prevents overtightening by automatically determining the proper tension when tightening. Standard chain tensioning systems require you to learn how to set the proper tension and to remember how to do it. Not the JawSaw. Simply turn the chain tensioning bolt and away you go until the chain wears out. The system also helps extend bar and chain life, and it lowers cost of ownership.

Because chain saw lubrication is a must, the automatic oiler system has a reservoir with an oil-level indicator that helps you know when it's time to refill. During operation, the automatic oiler provides constant lubrication to both bar and chain.

Covered by a limited two-year warranty, JawSaw (Model WG307) retails for $119.85 or $149.99 with the extension pole (Model WG308). 

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