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Deere announces new line of power tools

Success with using their name to market such products as
boots has inspired John Deere to announce a line of power tools. And true to
Deere form the tools are designed for rugged use and long life backed an a
two-year warranty which is almost unheard of in the tool industry.

"These tools are designed and built for serious
users," says Chris Spyrow of John Deere Parts Marketing.

This isn't the first time Deere has ventured into tools. The
company's first effort resulted in lackluster results due to the fact that
there weren't professional grade, Spyrow says. "The John Deere name
connotates high-quality products. And these tools are certainly that, as they
were built to a professional grade for professional use."

The John Deere line includes a variety of corded, cordless
and air tools including impact wrenches, cordless driver drills, hammer drills,
disc grinder, sanders, circular saws, jig saws and miter saws. All tools are
available at all Deere dealers. For more information contract a Deere dealer or

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