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Complete Lubrication Trolley

Lincoln Industrial’s premium lubricant trolley comes complete with all components needed for dispensing oil or grease directly from 55-gallon or 400-pound drums. Available packages include a pneumatically operated Lincoln pump for oil or grease, a hose reel, metering device, connection hoses and fittings plus air control with filter, regulator, and gauge. The lubricant trolley is easy to maneuver on uneven surfaces and makes dispensing possible without installing overhead reels or bench tanks. The Lincoln Industrial model 279092 retails for $1,431. Go to 

High- Performance V-Belts

27824High- PerformanceV-Belts

The first wrapped V-belt technology using ethylene elastomer compounds increases belt load capacity by 30% and expands operating temperatures from -40°F. to 265°F. The Gates Xtreme V-Force Mega banded V-belt also provides improved flexibility for use in high-speed drives. Go to

Sealant for Ag Tires


Slime’s Prevent & Repair Flat Tires Sealant is formulated for agricultural tires with the ability to instantly seal tread area punctures up to ¼ inch in diameter. When a puncture occurs, the sealant is carried directly to the hole. Pressure of the escaping air forces the formula’s Fibro-Seal particles into the opening, where they build up and intertwine to form a flexible plug. Slime cleans up with water and has a -35°F. freezing point. A 1-gallon container retails for $26.69 and 5-gallon container for $98.78. Go to

Stops Spread of Corrosion


Cor-Guard corrosion inhibitors in Prestone’s coolants provide protection against extremes from freezing (-34°F.) to boiling over at 265°F. Cor-Guard keeps engines free from damaging effects of worn-out antifreeze. The coolant is available in a concentrate (for radiators that have been flushed and cleaned) as well as a 50/50 prediluted form to top off a cooling system. It can be added to any existing fluid to optimize the cooling performance. Go to

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