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Radiator Genie

Jerry Crum didn't have to rub a lamp and summon a magical being when it came to protecting his $50,000-plus tractor investment. The Okemah, Oklahoma, rancher was able to grant his own wish for a product that helps keep the nooks and crannies of his machine's radiator clear of debris.

“The second day I was baling hay with a new tractor I had just bought, the air conditioner started getting hot,” recalls Crum. “The temperature started going up on the engine. The hydraulic oil started getting hot, and I couldn't operate the baler very well. I had to shut the tractor down or risk burning up the engine.”

Because he thought there was something wrong with the machine, he contacted his dealer. After a hefty repair bill, Crum realized the problem wasn't the machine; it originated from the debris that couldn't move through a very limited area.

“Today's tractors have high-efficiency cooling systems with downsized radiators and small cores,” says Crum. “The radiator, air conditioner cooling coil, and hydraulic coolers are all positioned in a very confined space. There was nothing on the market to reach into such restricted areas.”

The wave of a wand

What he made appear was the Radiator Genie, which consists of a pair of 23-inch wands. One wand hooks up to an air compressor hose; the other hooks to a garden hose. The handle on each wand is equipped with adjustable pressure. To operate either version of the tool, just squeeze the lever on the handle.

The set of patent-pending wands sells for $34.95.

How do you decide whether to use water or air?

“Air is most popular,” says Crum. “However, if you want to do a really thorough cleaning job, you can use air first and then you can use water. Your radiator will look like new again.

“This is also the most effective tool for blowing out and thoroughly cleaning any size air filter,” he says.

Design details

While the design may look simple, the inventor says a lot of thought went into it.

“I tested it for two years with no product failure,” he says. “I experimented with many different handles, tubing sizes, bends, openings, and pressure ratings before I came up with the final version. The wand tubing is small enough to get into confined areas, yet it is big enough to create a tremendous amount of air force.”

Crum goes on to say that what's unique about the Radiator Genie is its fan-head design.

“A patented fan head is designed to fit into the engine's cowl and between the fan blades, where it can be positioned at the correct angle to blow directly through the radiator coils and to exert maximum pressure to the back side of the radiator,” explains Crum. “The design provides about a 2-inch working width.”

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