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  • Summer to-do list

    Summer To-Do List
    Summer brings a long list of repair chores on farm structures and equipment. Get to work efficiently and easily with these innovative shop tools.

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  • Craftsman max axess auto ratchet

    Craftsman Max Axess Auto Ratchet
    This 19.2-volt cordless ratchet is the latest innovation from Craftsman featuring the unique Max Axess pass-through design, which allows open-end sockets to slip over the longest bolts or fasteners. Plus the tool’s low profile design makes it ideal for working in tight spaces, such as in an engine compartment. Price: $70

  • Porter cable cut off tool/grinder

    Porter Cable Cut Off Tool/Grinder
    Here is a convenient battery-powered cut off tool and grinder from Porter Cable. Powered by a 20-volt lithium ion battery, the PCC761B turns at 8,500 rpms for cutting and grinding chores. Features include a cast metal gear housing that dissipates heat for extended use and a three-position handle. Plus the 4.0-amp hour battery can maintain a charge for up to 18 months. Price: $50

  • Dewalt 20-volt max grease gun

    DeWalt 20-volt MAX Grease Gun
    The MAX battery-powered grease gun from DeWalt delivers up to 10,000 maximum psi to bust through the most rusted or dirt caked grease zerks. In addition, the gun’s flow rate can be adjusted with a maximum flow rate of up to 5 ounces per minute. The gun is powered by a 20-volt lithium ion battery that can dispense up to sixteen grease cartridges on a single charge. Price: $230

  • Worx maxlithium blower

    Worx Maxlithium Blower
    Lawn blowers offer an ideal tool to clean off combines and their engine compartments to prevent combine fires. And the Worxair WG575 eliminates power cords operating off a 32-volt lithium ion battery to turn out a maximum air speed of 120 mph at 80 cubic feet per minute. Weighing just 4 pounds, the Workair comes with a 19-inch-long directional flow tube, 2 amp hour battery, and charger. Price: $150

  • Channellock 830 adjustable wrench

    Channellock 830 Adjustable Wrench
    The jaws on this monster of an adjustable wrench open out 3 inches wide to envelop super-sized fasteners. Channel Lock created the 830 adjustable wrench to generate extra leverage equipping it with a 30-inch-long handle that is 11/2 inches thick and 61/3 inches wide. The 12-pound wrench features a precision adjustment on its jaws.  Price: $423

  • Wilton vise

    Wilton Vise
    Wilton calls this the All Terrain Vise because it readily slips into use on any 2-inch truck receiver hitch to apply clamping force up to 1 ton. The vice’s 6-inch jaws open up to 53/4 inches while over a 5-inch-deep throat depth. The vice and sleeve slides into a standard 2-inch hitch and is secured by a hitch pin. Price: $200

  • Rockwell VersaCut Max

    Rockwell VersaCut Max
    This narrow-profile Compact Circular Saw from Rockwell is ideal for working on building roofs, under rafters, or in tight corners. The 41/2-inch diameter blade has the ability to cut through 2-inch nominal material readily consuming a 2x12 in one pass equally the cutting speed of much larger circular saws. This is possible thanks to a 5 amp electric motor. Price: $100

  • Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light

    Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light
    Be careful not to stare into the LED bulbs on the M12 Stick Light when turning it on because its illumination is blinding. The mechanics light turns out an amazing 220 lumens thanks to three super bright LED bulbs. The Milwaukee Tool M12 is powered by a 12-volt battery. Features include impact-resistant and replaceable lens, a built-in hook for positioning, and a lifetime warranty on the LED bulbs. Price: $80

  • Trouble free light

    Trouble Free Light
    Finally, here is a trouble light that is no trouble to use. Aptly named the Trouble Free Work Light, this innovative device employs a bank of LED blubs to turn out 11/2 times more light than a 20-watt fluorescent worklight. Better yet the Trouble Free light turns out very little heat, can be dropped on a concrete floor without breaking, and has a rated operating life of 35,000 hours. Price: $55

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