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Tire Chore Tools

With tire dealers farther away and not always open nights or weekends, farm shops are gearing up to handle a wider variety of tire repair chores. These latest tool advances can help make quick work of those jobs.

Two-speed, tilt-back changer speeds repairs
Snap-on’s one-of-a-kind tire changer (shown above) features a tilt-back platform operating with a two-speed turntable. Built to handle light truck and implement tires, the tilt-back platform can handle all 15-inch and smaller tires and rim clearances. However, the turntable is capable of clamping onto rims on the outside up to 28 inches.

The turntable provides a forward speed of 14 rpm when mounting the initial bead and 7 rpm for precise speed control. The turntable is reversible in case the head jams during the mounting process.

Other features include a high-torque (885 foot-pounds) turntable motor, three-position bead breaker (that covers tall sidewall applications such as those found on light truck tires), and laser-guided mount/dismount head.

The retail price for the model EEWH326A is $12,359. For more information,visit

Readily remove tubeless truck tires on the ground
Removing a tire from truck rims can be accomplished in less than 10 seconds using ESCO’s Easy Way tubeless truck tire tool. You don’t have to flip the tire over to complete removal, as the device removes both the top and bottom beads from one side of the rim. The model 70100 handles all tubeless truck tires from 16½ to 24½ inches in diameter. It’s designed so that it prevents damage to aluminum wheels.

The entire device weighs 37 pounds and is constructed from ductile iron. The two leverage bars are 37 inches long and longer to provide for ample leverage. The retail price for the model 70100 is $288.85. For more information, visit

Tire cage built for large ag tires
Considering that a fully inflated tire and rim assembly on today’s trucks and large equipment can bounce you off the ceiling if that tire blows is reason enough to invest in a tire cage. 

Ken-Tool’s T111 earthmover and agricultural tire inflation cage is engineered to contain any tire failure.

Built from heavy-gauge steel tubing welded to a steel base, the 48×72×89-inch cage is designed for maximum inflation pressures of up to 100 psi. The cage features 10-bar construction and is wide enough to accommodate up to a 29.5R25 L-3 Earthmover tire and rim assembly. 

Ken-Tool also offers cages for smaller truck and farm tires. For more information, go to

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