Spruce up your shop with these new tools

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    84 T ratchet

    This ratchet from GearWrench uses 84 teeth to make it work in a 4-degree turn of its handle. And, it's got a low-profile head that fits better into tight work spaces. It's available in 3 different drive sizes and several combination sets. The 1/2-inch drive model retails for $37.

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    Grip-on pliers

    This pair of pliers is unlike any of those countless pairs you already have. This pair has a v-notch in the center of the jaws, creating a firm hold of round objects. And, that orange color isn't just for looks; the epoxy resin coating the handle is corrosion-resistant, even repelling welding splatter. The 5-inch model sells for $20.40.

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  • 03

    Cordless impact wrench

    Here's an impact wrench you can take about anywhere. Ingersoll Rand's cordless impact wrench creates 190 foot-pounds of torque and is just 6 1/2 inches long. A kit including a 20-volt battery, charger and storage case ranges from $280 to $350.

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  • 04

    Lighted pick-up tool

    This pick-up tool, available in a 24-inch size and either magnetized or non-magnetized, features a super-bright LED light to shed light in dark places, like under a vehicle. The retail price ranges from $20 to $27 for these handy tools.

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  • 05

    Milwaukee grease gun

    Greasing all the zerks on a large piece of machinery isn't the most fun job on the farm. Help make it easier with Milwaukee's 10,000-PSI 2-speed cordless electric grease gun. It features a counter to help dispense precise amounts of grease. Complete with a battery, charger and carrying case, it retails for $269.

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  • 06

    Striker Talon utility knife

    There are a lot of choices for utility knives out there these days. The Striker Talon has a few distinguishing features, including a built-in hardened steel file, a built-in notching saw and striking cap. Built for sheetrock contractors, it has a ton of uses on the farm. It retails for $12.99.

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  • 07

    Massive adjustable wrench

    There are adjustable wrenches, and there are adjustable wrenches! This behemoth is 2 feet long and features jaws that open to 3 inches wide. It's a little expensive, but it's the kind of tool that will essentially last forever.

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  • 08

    Thread Mate

    No matter how careful you are on the farm, you're probably always going to encounter stripped threads and heads on bolts and screws. But, this tool prevents you from having to keep on hand a full set of taps and dies of every size. The NES Thread Mate repairs threads, both internal and external. It retails for $237.

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  • 09

    Light Mine

    This nifty flashlight features neodymium magnets all around, allowing it to be stuck in a variety of positions on any metal surface. It features 8 super-bright LED lights. The unit, which can fit into your glove box, retails for $19.99.

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  • 10


    It can be tough to get much done in the shop when you've got sweat in your eyes. Enter the Port-A-Cool Hurricane. This mammoth evaporative cooling unit can lower the temp by 30 degrees in a space of 3,500 square feet. It retails for $3,495.

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Check out a few new tools to help make your life easier when it comes time to make quick, efficient repairs (compiled by Dave Mowitz).

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