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Tool Accessories

Editor picks for cool tool additions to the farm shop.

Charges, Maintains, and Tests Batteries

The fully automatic Battery Saver #9950 can charge a battery or maintain it for long periods of time while diagnosing any voltage-related issues utilizing a built-in LCD digital battery tester. The unit features a “clean” operating mode, which will desulphate a battery by safely discharging it and then charging it back to full power. It is equipped to work with 12- and 16-volt, 50-watt lead acid, or lithium-ion batteries. The Battery Saver #9950 retails for $169.95. Go to

Gearwrench sledgehammer

Sledge Face Resists Chipping

Offering a drop-forged head made from alloy steel, the Gearwrench 10-pound sledgehammer features a striking face cast with substantial bevels that reduce the chance of the head chipping. The hammer’s hickory handle is flame-treated for durability. The 69-653G retails for $104. Go to

Bolt Buster Heat Induction Tool

Heat Induction Tool

Capable of heating a ¾-inch nut cherry red in 30 seconds, the Bolt Buster 2X Heat Induction Tool produces 1,800 watts of power, readily replacing a gas torch to heat seized fasteners. The kit comes with the power unit and 10 different sizes of heating coils that surround fasteners up to 1¾ inch in diameter. Larger fasteners can be treated with flexing heat lines. The model BB2X-ACC retails for $649.99. Go to

Bosch diagnostic kit

Bosch Diagnostic Kit

Bosch’s 3824 and 3824BSC diagnostic tools are now offered with off-highway kits that include cables that fit most off-highway vehicles. Repair information and diagnostic capabilities cover vehicles and systems such as the gearbox, heating and cooling, engine, steering, hydraulics, suspension, electronic modules, antipollution, central computer, and more. Go to

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