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Razorfish Solutions 

specialist manufacturers of fresh produce preparation, slicing, dicing, washing and drying systems.  
Our extensive engineering and manufacturing resource has made us a trusted and  
reliable supplier of innovative processing solutions to the food processing industry throughout the world. 
We design innovative, highly automated appliances that help you save energy and resources. 
-Fruit Vegetables Potato Washing machine 
Ability to customise the brush configuration to suit your vegetables and your washing and polishing needs
Built strongly to stand the test of time and to provide a low total cost of ownership
Easy access for cleaning and maintenance via sliding doors, 
side removable shafts and clip on/off panels*
Separate variable speed controls for the brush and barrel rotation giving you the ability to control the intensity of the wash. 
Enhanced bearing protection features to maximise the lifespan of your equipment,
Durable drive belts and gear motor systems,
Numerous safety components such as door locks and drum retainer.
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