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AC/DC welders rock repair and maintenance

In 1925, Hobart Brothers rolled out its first welder. That started the company on its path to becoming a major name in the welding industry. Today, the company (which was acquired by Illinois Tool Works in 1996) continues to produce machines that can handle a variety of farm welding applications. Those machines include Hobart's latest innovation – the Champion 145.

Replacing the Champion 4500 welder/generator, this TIG machine kicks out 4,500 surge watts of AC power, which makes it ideal for emergency backup or for powering hand tools, grinders, lights, or battery chargers.

The package features four 20-amp, 120 VAC GFCI receptacles and one 240 VAC (6-50R) receptacle, plus covers. Weighing in at 235 pounds, the Champion 145 has a running gear and has a roll bar frame for added protection.

A 6.25-gallon gas tank allows for long run times. You can weld at 75 amps or use 2,500 watts of auxiliary power for 12½ hours. The unit provides up to 145 amps of DC welding power, offers smooth arc-starting capabilities, and will accommodate stick electrodes up to 5/32-inch in diameter.

The Champion 145 welder/generator lists for $2,050. To learn more, contact Hobart Welders at 800/626-9420 or visit

Invertig 221

HTP America, Inc. introduced its first 200-amp AC/DC inverter machine more than 10 years ago. With the recent introduction of its third generation of AC/DC inverter machine – the HTP Invertig 221 – the company continues to set new standards.

If you invest in the Invertig 221, you'll notice HTP has increased the maximum welding current on this machine by 10% to give you 220 amps of rugged welding power. Weighing in at only 40 pounds, this machine is easy to take where you need it. An Invertig 221 DV (dual-voltage) model is available, which can weld on both 110 and 220 volts.

The only welder in its class with independent AC amperage adjustment, this feature gives precise control over the heat input to the workpiece and the tungsten. Adjust the AC frequency from 20 Hz to 200 Hz for a more focused arc with greater arc control at the higher AC frequency.

Use as a DC welder. The smooth, stable arc coupled with the 221′s high-speed DC pulse make intricate work on mild steel, 4130, stainless, Inconel, and titanium easy.

Another nice feature is that this machine can store up to 64 separate welding programs, which means you can set up personal settings and go back to them when needed.

The machine comes standard with a 12.5-foot-long 17 Series air-cooled TIG torch, a 12.5-foot foot pedal, a flowmeter, and a 70-minute TIG DVD.

Suggested retail price is $2,495. To learn more, visit

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