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Welding wonder

When it comes to repairing or cutting iron, welders and plasma cutters have become invaluable tools. Because different applications sometimes require different processes, selecting the right device for your operation is important. Possibly you have invested in more than one machine to ensure you have the right tool to make a repair. But what if you could combine three tools – oxy/acetylene torch, welder, and plasma cutter – in one.

New way to weld

Whether you need to weld, solder, braze, harden, and cleanse metals including steel, aluminum, copper, cast iron, bronze, or other metals, the Multiplaz 3500 can handle it all. It can also cut any metal, including high-alloy and stainless steel that can't be cut with oxygen cutting.

The device can also cut ceramic tiles, quartz glass, bricks, concrete, and other inflammable materials.

A new kind of machine, this plasma-cutting system uses electricity (230 volt/115 volt) and a water-alcohol solution to heat materials by turning the water into plasma. No other gasses are needed, which saves a significant amount in consumables and operating costs. If run for an entire day, it will only use 2 cups of alcohol.

Despite its low power consumption, Multiplaz 3500 can concentrate the plasma stream into a small-diameter jet like a laser. This allows you to melt thick 12-inch metal to the depth of up to 7/16 inch and to weld thin plates of 1/64 inch to thick ones.

Use the narrow soft jets at minimum settings to solder small or thin parts. Turn up the voltage and current, and the jet becomes powerful and broad for welding and heating.

Two torches are included with the machine, so you can easily switch between cutting and welding. Multiplaz's design allows for a 100% duty cycle. Cathodes and nozzles can be used for up to 10 hours before replacing them, but the company says to expect much more.

Weighing in at under 20 pounds, the Multiplaz 3500 is compact enough to take wherever repairs are needed. Unlike other machines, it can weld outside in the wind without blowing out, and it can weld frozen and moist pipes. Simply shut the water off and weld.

The suggested retail price is $1,995.

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