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4 Innovative Tool Inventions

Discover the latest tools, including a heavy-duty computer bag, injector seat cleaning kit, exact-match touchup paint, and retrofit cab interior replacement options.

1. Tool and Computer Bag

Constructed of ballistic material and heavy-duty zippers, Milwaukee’s Jobsite Tech Bag is fabricated to hold tools and provide a secure place to store laptops and tablets. The bag comes equipped with an integrated rain fly, which wraps around and covers the laptop pocket and the main tool compartment to help protect all contents from water damage. The bag retails for $69. 

2. Injector Seat Cleaning Kit

Ideal for removing carbon, rust, and other debris from injector seats, bores, and cups, the diesel injector seat cleaning kit from IPA Tools is offered with either brass or stainless steel brushes. The kit includes three types of brushes for deep seat, seat and inner seat, hole and bore, and tube wall cleaning. Included in the kit are 400 assorted low-lint and flexible swabs. The 8090 kit retails for $189.95. 

3. Exact-Match Touchup Paint

Available in pints, quarts, and gallons, Automotive Touchup paints are offered in exact-match colors for urethane and acrylic lacquer primers, urethane base coat colors, acrylic urethane, and acrylic lacquer clear coats. Paint products are shipped directly to customers, who can choose from the most comprehensive library of original colors in the industry. 

4. Retrofit Cab Interiors

Fehr offers retrofit interiors for over 700 different cabs from the early  to mid-2000s back to when cabs first appeared on farm equipment. The replacement kits are made for self-installation, which takes around four hours to complete. The kits are exact replacements using materials that match as closely as possible to original. The new foam lining from a replacement interior silences high-pitched decibels that cause hearing damage. 

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