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4 Shop Tool Breakthroughs

Discover the latest tools for your farm shop, including Milwaukee's mobile workstation, DeWalt's bushless motor drill, and Crescent's new locking adjustable wrench.

1. stout mobile workstation

Milwaukee expanded its tool storage line with a 60-inch-wide version of the Mobile Work Station, which was designed to hold over a ton of tools in 11 drawers with soft-close slides. Exclusive to the station is a 22-inch-high multiposition metal peg wall and a multiposition side shelf that can be mounted at different heights on the side of the station. The workstation moves on 5-inch industrial casters. The model 48-22-8560 retails for $698, which includes a three-year warranty.

2. huge leap in power, run time

Powered by a brushless motor supplying 830 unit watts of output, DeWalt’s 20V Max XR drill features a proprietary three-speed transmission that delivers up to 38,250 bumps per minute and a top speed of 2,250 rpm. The drill is 82% more powerful and offers up to 2.8 times more run time than previous DeWalt drills. The model DCD991B (tool only) retails for $139; this includes a three-year warranty.


Crescent has combined the best of an adjustable wrench with a locking pliers in its model ACL10VS. Delivering twice the gripping power of a simple adjustable wrench, which is handy when dealing with rounded fasteners, the 10-inch-long wrench features an anti-slip jaw that opens 15⁄16 inches wide. The tool has a manufacturer’s retail price of $42.17.

4. clamp holds fast

The Cinchtight Technology in use on Hart’s 2-inch hand clamp uses a combination of gripping jaw pads and a rope cleat to provide an extra-secure grip. The clamp opens 2 inches and has a lever release that provides for a quick release of the locking mechanism. The model HRD0201 retails for $9.97, which includes a lifetime warranty.

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