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4 Welding Innovations

1. dewalt cutting wheels

DeWalt’s line of abrasive cutting wheels for ferrous metal and stainless steel applications is fashioned from aluminum oxide and sold in thicknesses ranging from 1∕16 to .040 inch. On average, the 1∕16-inch wheels offer 74% more life than standard DeWalt wheels.

In addition, this launches a new .045-inch-thick cutting wheel line that contains ceramic grain to provide longer life and faster cutting. 



In 8-, 10-, and 12-inch (grinding wheel diameters) models, all of JET’s industrial bench grinders employ heavy-duty capacitor motors, permanently sealed bearings, and cast-iron bases. Each grinder is equipped with safety shields, adjustable tool rests, and a 1¼-inch wheel dresser.

The retail price for the 12-inch model (2 hp., 220 volts) is $1,119. 

3. stick and tig welders

Delivering up to 160 amps of welding power for stick and TIG applications, Miller Electric’s Maxstar 161 weighs just 13 pounds for easy transport. Using Miller Stick-Stuck technology, the machine detects if the electrode is stuck to the part and turns the welding output off to easily remove the electrode.

The welder comes in three models with the top-of-the-line version, the Maxstar 161 STH, providing DC TIG and DC stick power up to 160 amps on 240-volt input power. 

4. ESAB welder line expands


The Thermal Arc and Tweco brands of stick and TIG welders are now being sold under the ESAB brand and led by the ET 201iDC. This welder uses 120-volt or 208/230-volt current to deliver DC TIG and stick output up to 200 amps as well as high-frequency and lift TIG arc starts at a 60% duty cycle. The unit weighs 21½ pounds for easy portability. 

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