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Cool Tools - Crescent Redefines the Adjustable Wrench

The adjustable wrench just became far more user friendly thanks to two innovations from Crescent.

Late last month they introduced the 8-inch Locking Flex Ratcheting Adjustable Wrench. As the name implies this tool has an "indexing" head that can be locked into a setting. This means that the tool's jaws don't back off when removed from a fastener. But what really makes this the ultimate adjustable wrench is a 180° ratcheting action that make quick work of dealing with fasteners in cramp quarters without the wrench haveing to be removed and repositioned. "With this new wrench, the jaw is able to pivot around fasteners, providing a smooth ratcheting action,” explains Marisa Stephenson of Crescent.

This innovation works on any four or six-point fastener up to 1-3/16 inches and has a suggested retail price of $42.17.

This week Crescent added to their adjustable wrench innovations by introducing the 10-inch Locking Adjustable Wrench. This advance employs a locking-pliers-like lever that clamps the tool's jaws down tight on work. “The jaw of this new wrench is able to grip fasteners tightly, allowing users to ensure a good seal or remove fittings,” Stephenson points out.

The Locking Adjustable Wrench offers an anti-slip adjustable jaw with a 15/16-inch maximum opening. The tool and has a suggested retail price of $32.10.

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