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Cool Tools: Four Welding Processes In One 38-pound Machine

Miller Electric is clearing up the confusion of what welder to buy if you want to add TIG repairs to your metalworking tool arsenal. That firms Multimatic 215 provides multiple capacitities including MIG, flux-cored, DC TIG, and DC stick welding in one package. Plus, the welder can weld up to ⅜-inch-thick steel in a single pass.

What's surprising about the welder is its scant weight at just 38 pounds. Setting up the welder has been made easier, too, with a color LCD display that allows quick adjustments for multiple materials or welding processes.

The inverter-based machine employs Smooth-Start technology that provides for smoother MIG arc starts. The machines include exclusive Multi-Voltage Plug capability, which allows you to weld in more places by simply choosing the plug that fits a 120- or 240-volt receptacle. No tools are necessary for that changeover.

Another design feature of note is the unit’s QuickSelect drive roll design, which provides three grooves: two for different-size solid wire and a third groove for flux-cored wire. Plus, the welder has a system that automatically detects when a Miller Spoolmate 100 or Spoolmate 150 spool gun is being used, which eliminates the need to install a spool gun switch.

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